Ranches for Sale: Animals that Make Hunting Viable on Your Guest Ranch

When people think about acquiring their own ranch land, many people start thinking about opening a cattle ranch or any other property that raises livestock. Although that is generally the most popular choice, there are other options available to those who do not wish to open a livestock operation. A popular alternative option would be to open a guest ranch.

Guest ranches offer visitors the chance to live the “Old West” lifestyle through various recreational activities such as hiking or horseback riding. This offers people a chance to unplug and reconnect with nature—and what better place to do so than in a ranch in the middle of picturesque Wyoming?


The activities your guest ranch are able to offer significantly affect its ability to attract guests. It’s relatively easy to set-up basic activities like horseback riding, but if you really want to offer something different and exciting, you may want to try offering hunting services to potential guests.

Ranches for sale in Wyoming are usually situated in areas that offer a large number of desirable game. If you are interested in making hunting a main attraction at your ranch, you may want to see if any of the following animals are present within the boundaries of the property:


There are numerous types of elk in Wyoming, and are present on both public and private properties. There is a good chance that the property you are looking at will have elk nearby.

Bighorn Sheep

The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep is one of the most sought-after game among hunters in Wyoming. The fact that these sheep can weigh up to 300lbs is definitely a reason why this majestic creature is near the top of a hunter’s wish list.


Bison have been hunted in Wyoming since the winter of 1988-1989, and have been a popular target for hunters ever since. Bagging bison is no easy task, so be sure to properly prepare your guests for the trip.

Cutthroat Trout

Many hunters also enjoy fishing, especially as a way to rest and recuperate from walking around multiple days in a row searching for difficult game. Wyoming is home to a number of challenging game fish, such as the cutthroat trout. This species is often found in moderately large, clear, well-oxygenated, and shallow rivers with gravel beds.

These are only some of the creatures that call Wyoming “home”, so be sure to check if the ranches for sale you are considering contain enough game to be an enticing option for hunters. If you don’t have the time to survey the land yourself, you can always ask a respected brokerage, such as Mirr Ranch Group, about the wildlife present in a specific property.

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