Colorado Ranches for Sale: Why Ranchers Must Diversify Revenue Streams

To the eyes of many, owning a ranch is a romantic lifestyle cut out from a fantasy book. But if you visit the prime cattle regions of the American West, you will notice that even the biggest landowners struggle to sustain their ranch lifestyle. It then leads them to doubling the population of their cattle, exhausting the land, denuding grasslands, and wasting money on irrigation to grow hay for the winter.

Cattle prices tend to be cyclical and ranchers who rely on fossil fuel to manage their facilities are highly vulnerable to rising oil prices. It’s especially more problematic for old ranch families who refuse to change their ways. Progressive ranchers, on the other hand, have teeming revenue streams because they have completely embraced the idea that ranch life is not just about cattle farming.

Ranch Stay 

Given the expanse of land of Colorado ranches for sale, diversifying products won’t be too difficult for ranch owners. It doesn’t mean, however, that they should do everything. A bulk of their time and resources should still go to farming cattle. But while the cows and calves are grazing in the meadows, or sleeping through the winter, it’s best to have other products that they can profit from. Offering ranch stays, for one, is the easiest way to make money without spending much. Many outsiders dream of experiencing the quintessential American West way of life. People would pay for a few nights’ stay in an authentic homestay and ride horses across vast landscapes.


Sports and Recreation 

Rangelands feature diverse landscapes, sweeping grasslands, thriving riparian areas and streams, offering plenty of opportunities for sports and recreation. Ranchers can earn a little if they open their lands and offer hunting, fishing and other leisure tours for staying guests, locals or passing tourists. Ranches are considered prime real estate, which makes them attractive to lifestyle tourists.


Wildlife conservation can also be used as a product to make profit. Rangelands often link to wetlands and riparian areas, which are havens for birdwatching enthusiasts. Providing ecotourism opportunities is a great way to make additional profit and protect the wildlife and biodiversity throughout the rangeland. For instance, ranchers in Colorado may take advantage of tourist activity in ski resorts nearby and find ways to get them to do an authentic ranch experience as a side trip. Many amenity buyers may also take advantage of ranches for sale in Colorado to expand conservation areas for ecotourism.

Grass-fed Beef 

Another way ranchers can improve their revenue streams is by ditching traditional, costly ways of operating their facilities. Progressive ranchers who adhere to sustainable ranching techniques claim to have seen significant improvement in their profit when they started adopting wildlife-friendly and sustainable practices. And since grass-fed beef are of higher quality and healthier compared with antibiotic-laden beef, they can charge more to sustain their lifestyle and afford to ranch more sustainably.

Traditional ranchers who remain skeptical about these changes are those who are sinking in debt and receiving the ire of environmental activists. While it is difficult for ranch families to ditch practices handed down to them by their forefathers, they have to accept new techniques to keep their ranch profitable.

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