Why New Mexico is an Amazing Place to Buy a Ranch

If you’re in the market to buy a ranch, you may already have your sights set on the Southwest. While large tracts of land in places like Wyoming or Colorado can be breathtaking, the Southwest, particularly New Mexico, has a certain magic all its own.

Fortunately, ranches for sale in New Mexico offer a wide variety of features, so you can pick the type of land which best suits your purposes.

horse farm

So why is New Mexico a wonderful state in which to buy a ranch?

Incredible Game Hunting

One of the primary reasons many ranch owners decide upon a particular piece of property is the presence of interesting game to hunt. Some people buy a ranch exclusively because they want a large hunting ground all to themselves, without the hassle of a hunting lease and all the rules that go along with it.

New Mexico offers unique and challenging game hunting to excite prospective ranch owners. If you like to hunt elk, the state offers some of the best grounds in the country. People regularly land 300” bulls, and some even take down bulls in excess of 350”.

The state also boasts fantastic areas to hunt deer, wild turkeys, pronghorn antelopes, and more. When you buy a ranch in New Mexico, it often includes multiple landowner hunting permits. If you enjoy the thrill of game hunting, a New Mexico ranch can be your own little (or not so little) slice of paradise.

Incentivized Conservation                         

Ranch owners truly appreciate the untouched beauty and pristine quality of nature more than the average property owner. If you didn’t value nature, why would you buy a property surrounded by it? The state of New Mexico shares these conservationist values and provides incentives to assure much of the beauty of the wild landscape remains untarnished.

The New Mexico Land Conservation Incentives Act creates tax credits for property owners who donate land or a conservation easement (an interest in land) to a public or private agency for the purpose of conservation. So if you already have an interest in conservation and want to preserve part of your land for conservation purposes, the state will grant you a tax credit of up to $250,000.

Scenic Beauty

If you’re going to buy a ranch, one of the main perks is being surrounding by breathtaking views and terrain untouched by civilization. New Mexico ranches contain some of the most gorgeous settings in the United States.

From lush plains and thick forests to rolling hills and otherworldly rock formations, the state creates scenery that is like nowhere else in the country. You only need to decide what features you want to see as you travel across your ranch.

Wonderful Nearby Cities

New Mexico is known for its area of unsettled wilderness, but the state also boasts great cities you could travel to from your ranch.

Viewers of the TV show Breaking Bad will recognize many of the sites and landmarks in and around Albuquerque. Even the cast and crew noted how much character and beauty the city has. If you’re a skier, Taos and Angel Fire will be cities you frequent. Or, if you’re an artistic soul, the world-class art scene in Sante Fe will be the place you go to feed your spirit.

There are ranches for sale in New Mexico that can meet a wide variety or tastes and interests. You just have to decide what’s right for you.


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