All About Colorado’s Adams Ranch

The Adams Ranch is an excellent opportunity for Colorado ranchers looking to engage in cattle and hay farming. The land offers plenty of space for grazing and hay production as well as good water rights, bountiful sporting and recreational opportunities, and access to nearby state and national lands.

Cattle Drive

Those looking for ranches for sale in Colorado can expect to find everything they need here for year-round outdoor activities and productive cattle ranching.


The ranch is located near Walden, CO, in Jackson County, and it has over 8,000 acres of land. The area is commonly referred to as North Park, which lies between multiple mountain ranges. It allows easy access to the Colorado State Forest, Roosevelt National Forest, and Rawah Wilderness, affording it many outdoor opportunities.

Of the land’s acreage, nearly 2,000 acres are deeded, over 6,000 are state leased, and nearly 650 are BLM leased.

Walden gets only eleven inches of rain each year, on average, but snowfall is much more plentiful: an annual average of fifty-seven inches. Prepare for cold in the winter (January average low of 4°) and heat in the summer (78° in July). Most days of the year are sunny.

Facilities and improvements include a three-bedroom home built in the 1920s, a mobile home, and a log bunk house. The last two are used by hunters. The property also includes multiple sheds, barns, corrals, and workshops.


The Adams Ranch was once the Horse Ranch, and it was used by the Knox Percheron Horse Company of Boston for breeding horses to pull streetcars.In the 1950s, it was bought by Fred and Mary Adams, and it has been in the family ever since.

Before it was homesteaded, however, the place in which the ranch resides was called“The Bull Pen” by local Native Americans. This was due to the buffalo that were once abundant in the grasslands in the midst of the mountains that ring the area. Today, elk, moose, deer, and other game are still abundant.


The ranch is a great place for hunting all sorts of game, including deer, elk, moose, waterfowl, and antelope. Deer are abundant, but many migrate early in the year, making the early rifle deer-only season well worth its while. The mountainous terrain lends itself toward heavy elk populations, making it prime elk-hunting ground.

Early September is when migration for waterfowl peaks, making them highly abundant in the area. With a bit of preparation, hunters can take advantage of the 8,000 fowl on the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge during those weeks of the year.


Historically, Adams Ranch was a cattle ranch, and it remains so to this day. It has plenty of land for grazing and hay production. Water is in abundance, with enough water rights to irrigate over 500 acres of ground for growing hay.

Lands include mountain sage pastures and hay meadows, which can support as much as 200 pair of cattle throughout the year.Since the economy in the area relies mainly on ranching, this makes Adams Ranch a great chance for buyers looking for ranches for sale in Colorado.


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