5 Things to Expect When Moving to Montana

As cities expand to hold and sustain more and more people, some just want to get away from shopping malls, honking horns, and the altogether stressful urban life. If this is your goal, few states offer as much peaceful serenity as Montana.

Josephine Lake, Montana

Whether you buy one of the ranches for sale in Montana or move to one of The Treasure State’s small “cities,” you’re in for a definite change in lifestyle. For people moving from a larger urban area, especially in a warm weather climate, the difference can be fairly drastic.

So what can you expect when moving to Montana?

  • It’s Gorgeous

Montana is seriously, breathtakingly gorgeous. Just take one visit to Glacier National Park, and you may never leave the state. It seems like it should be on another continent. From viewing mirror-like lakes to seeing the Northern Lights, it’s like nowhere else in the country. Not to mention you can see actual glaciers.

And that’s just one part of the state. There’s a quality there that makes you feel like you’re not trapped in the strain of society anymore.

  • It’s Cold

If you live in Southern California or Arizona or Texas, you may be used to warm weather most of the year, with only brief hints of cold. Montana isn’t like that. Four to five months of the year are consumed with frigid temperatures.

It can be an adjustment to move there and realize you need a whole new wardrobe and a strategy for staying warm.

  • Summer is Incredible

After the cold months, summer is absolutely invigorating. It gets warm, but not too hot. The days are long. You just end up wanting to spend all your time outdoors. Hiking, camping, fishing – it’s all there for you right outside your door.

Those who live on a ranch have the bonus of enjoying all of those activities without even leaving their property. But even if you don’t have a ranch, you’re never too far from the majestic wild when you’re in Montana.

  • It’s Inexpensive

The stark contrast in overall cost of living will be especially evident if you’re coming from Southern or Northern California. If you live in Silicon Valley and can’t afford to buy a small house, even with a six figure salary, the cost of property in Montana will be a very pleasant surprise.

While ranches can be pricey, the sheer size of the property and the often luxurious amenities actually turn out to be a real bargain. And if you’re looking for a single-family home, you’ll end up with a great house for much less than many other parts of the country.

  • No Big Cities

There’s no Los Angeles, Phoenix, or even Albuquerque in Montana. According to the 2010 Census, there are just under one million people…in the state. The largest city is Billings with a population of 104,170. That’s about the size of a large suburb of a major city.

But really, the lack of big cities is part of the appeal of Montana. If you wanted to live in a big city, drive in traffic,and have the stars obstructed by street lights, you could live in any number of other places. But that’s not what you want.

When you move to Montana, you want to escape from city life and experience a world where nature has been left alone. As long as your expectations are in line with reality, it could be the best move you’ve ever made.

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