4 Types of Ranches in Colorado You Should Consider Purchasing

When most people think of Colorado, they picture ski slopes, the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River, and charming mountain towns. While Colorado certainly has all of this, the state also boasts some amazing luxury ranches available to own.

Colorado ranches provide many benefits to their owners. Besides the amazing scenery and numerous recreational opportunities, ranches for sale in Colorado have some unique attributes that can generate income and turn a significant profit. Four of these types are listed below.

Maroon Bells

Horse Ranches

From wild stallions to thoroughbreds, Colorado has a rich and long history with horses. This state is truly an equestrian’s paradise. Ranch owners in Colorado can benefit from this history in several ways. You might consider a traditional horse breeding ranch, where new generations of magnificent animals are raised and traded.

Another option is a ranch catering to horse riders and enthusiasts. Many ranches for sale in Colorado already have excellent riding trails where visitors can enjoy the scenery and camp during multi-day expeditions. This is an ideal way to put your land to good use and generate income in the hospitality industry.

Solar Ranches

It’s no secret the Colorado is a sunny state of the southwest. Withover 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s a perfect place for generating clean solar power. When you purchase a ranch in Colorado, you can turn all or a portion of it towards producing and storing solar energy. Clean solar power systems can not only power your own ranch—including lighting, livestock feeding, and irrigation systems—but you may be able to sell the excess energy as well. Of course, don’t forget the significant tax breaks and federal subsidies you’ll enjoy by becoming a green energy creator.

Wind Ranches

Wind energy is predicted to comprise 20% of all U.S. energy production in the next twenty-five years. Colorado is one state that’s hopping on this green power bandwagon with many new wind power turbines being constructed. You can cash in on this by leasing your land to energy companies looking to harness wind power.

Most ranches in Colorado have at least twelve turbines, allowing you to generate income without completely obstructing your beautiful views. Although you’ll need to make sure the area you lease has easy access for the power company, maintenance and upkeep of the turbines won’t be your responsibility—you’ll simply earn the profits.

Mineral Rights Ranches

Colorado is rich in natural resources, and minerals are no exception. Coal, oil, gems, metals, and natural gas all abound in this state. This provides an extra opportunity for ranch owners to gain income from their land.

Like many other states, mineral rights in Colorado are sold separately from the land itself. However, it’s certainly not impossible to purchase both. You’ll need to acquire expert legal representation and be sure to negotiate the specifics of the transactions, but selling or leasing the mineral rights of your Colorado ranch can be an incredibly profitable investment.

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