The Top 4 Cash Crops to Grow on Your Nebraska Ranch

When you choose from the many luxury ranches for sale in Nebraska, you have the ability to use your new land for leisure, profit, or both. If you decide to utilize your ranch to generate income, one excellent method is through agriculture. Food and livestock feed prices are on the rise and show no signs of stopping in the foreseeable future. Nebraska has fertile soil, excellent weather conditions, and a long agricultural history. If you want to set up a working agriculture ranch, consider growing some or all of these top four Nebraska cash crops.

Top 4 Cash Crops to Grow on Your Nebraska Ranch


Nebraska is almost synonymous with corn. The state is known for virtually unending fields of corn, and Cornhusker pride runs rampant here. There’s good reason for this. Corn is a huge Nebraskan cash crop, accounting for over 50% of all crops grown in the state.

Corn is widely used as a livestock feed grain, making up over 95% of feed grain in the U.S., but is also employed in a wide variety of human foods. Cornmeal, cornstarch, corn oil, and corn syrup are widely known. Additionally, corn is used in the pharmaceutical industry, providing a vital component in the medium in which penicillin is grown.

Corn is also being used by the renewable energy sector as a source of ethanol. Green biofuels are really taking off, leading to a rise in corn prices. Government farming subsidies may also be available for corn crops destined to become ethanol biofuel.


Of course, soybeans are used to make tofu, soybean oil, and soybean milk for human consumption, but, just like corn, they’re also used as livestock feed, mainly for chickens and hogs. Once the oil is expressed from soybeans, a protein-dense husk is left behind which is an excellent source of nutrients for animals.

Also, if you choose to farm soybeans on one of the ranches for sale in Nebraska, you’ll be able to sell to the bio diesel industry. Just like corn, soybeans are a renewable energy source.


Hay grown in Nebraska accounts for over $200 million in sales each year. In fact, every county in the state produces commercial hay as feed, fodder, straw, and cordage material. Both alfalfa and grass hay are cultivated here in Nebraska.


Wheat is one of the oldest crops cultivated in human civilization, and it is a chief grain throughout the world. By some estimates, it accounts for up to 20% of human calorie intake. Nebraska grows over $400 million in wheat a year. While Cheyenne County produces the most, wheat is grown throughout the entire state.

Wheat grown on your agricultural ranch can be sold to a large variety of industries. Of course, there are the baked goods, pasta, and distilling and brewing companies, but wheat is also used in the manufacture of synthetic rubbers and glues. It is additionally employed in the textile industry in weaving, baskets, mats, and packing material. Cut wheat can also serve as hay and livestock feed.


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