Living off the Land on Your Nebraska Ranch

So, you’ve decided to start browsing through Nebraska ranches for sale. You might be looking for a change of pace or a new source of income. Whatever the motive, buying a ranch means carving out your new life.

Choosing to live on a ranch also means that you might want to live off the land to support your needs. While you probably have a town nearby for most goods, you may eventually want to start producing your own food. The following are some suggestions to get your self-sufficient lifestyle off the ground.
Living off the Land on Your Nebraska Ranch for Sale

Raising Cattle

This can be a somewhat expensive but rewarding venture. In the United States, cattle will always be a great source of money due to the constant demand for beef and leather products. While raising cattle, you can even support yourself with a great supply of meat and maybe a dairy cow to keep your fridge stocked as well.

If you are looking into cattle ranching, you should consider Nebraska ranches for sale with huge amounts of land. Your cattle will need plenty of room to roam.

Starting a Garden

It’s not a requirement to raise cattle when you buy land to start a ranch. However, since you bought all that land, you will probably want to begin utilizing it. One way to do so is by planting a garden. With a little effort, this hobby can become your livelihood.

Your ranch garden won’t be like a normal garden. With all the room you have, you can easily build a greenhouse yourself while also supporting a small grove of trees outside. In time, you will have enough to keep your fridge stocked come fall and to keep yourself eating healthy throughout the year.

Hunting and Fishing

While it might sound great to start raising things that will support you for years, you can also live off the land by taking advantage of the nature around you. If you’re considering living off of nature, this might mean looking for land that has lakeside property or even a river running through it.

For example, if you want to hunt deer and other animals, you should concentrate on land that has plenty of wooded areas on or around it. For fishing grounds, you will probably want to avoid looking for land with a small pond. Fish need a constant source of water that is replenished on its own.

There might even be a nature reserve near you that lets you hunt or fish on the land. In these reserves, you will probably need a permit, or you will be allowed to hunt during certain seasons.

Picking out property that will suit your needs might seem tough, but your decision will rely solely on the kind of effort you want to put into living self-sufficiently. This might mean exploiting the land or raising your own sources of food.

However, these sources of food are not mutually exclusive, and you might opt for all three. No matter what you decide, you should take all of the above into consideration when looking for Nebraska ranches for sale.

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