The Regions of Wyoming

If you’ve been looking for a Wyoming ranch for sale, you may have come across regions known as the high desert or different mountainous areas. Wyoming is the tenth largest state in the United States, and its variety of landscapes is part of that size. When you are looking for a ranch, you should consider the state’s diversity.


The state of Wyoming is extensively mountainous. The Rocky Mountains actually cover around one-third of Wyoming’s land area, and the mountains of Wyoming feature over 40 peaks with heights in excess of 13,000 feet.

The Regions of Wyoming Ranches For Sale

These mountain areas provide the best hunting, as they are usually part of national parks or other reserves. Picking out a ranch near these mountains will offer spectacular views and choice hunting year-round.

The mountainous areas of the state are not all one continuous area; rather, they can be spread out. This is because Wyoming is located on the eastern edge of the Rocky mountain range. Central Wyoming is the best area to get wide open plains and mountain views.

High Desert

The high desert is a type of region that is mostly dry. Unlike many deserts, Wyoming’s desert regions are known for their lack of rainfall rather than their heat. There is an abundance of wildlife in these regions, and water comes from summer snowmelt, which can attract a variety of migratory species as well.

The largest portion of desert in Wyoming is known as the Red Desert in the southern region. It is named for the massive, red sand dunes that mark the area. The areas closest to water are perfect for ranching because of the wide, open space and abundant vegetation.

However, despite the desert’s breathtaking views and natural beauty, it is considered a sensitive area, and it might be difficult to find properties for sale in the region.

High Plains

Whereas the western third of the state is comprised of the Rocky Mountains, the eastern third is made up of a region known as the High Plains. This is an area of cold and arid land made up of rolling grasslands that stretch on for miles.

The high plains are probably the best ranching lands for cattle in the state. This is why most of the largest settlements and cities in Wyoming are located in this area. Cheyenne, the state’s capital, is located in the southeastern section of the region. If you seek to start a ranch to earn an income, the high plains region is for you.

All areas of Wyoming are crisscrossed with rivers and spotted with lakes. This means there is plenty of fishing year-round in most of the state. However, it should be noted that much of the state is made up of wildlife parks, so you should check in with the authorities to find out if fishing or hunting is allowed.

Wyoming is a great state with plenty of variety. When browsing Wyoming ranches for sale, you should remember that these different regions are only a drive away.


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