Choose Your Own Adventure: Ranching in Colorado

You really can’t go wrong when perusing Colorado ranches for sale. Colorado’s landscape is breathtaking. The Centennial State is centrally located within the Rocky Mountains, and that alone provides for nearly endless angles of breathtaking views and backgrounds from river valleys and wide open prairies.

If you have decided to settle into a Coloradan ranch, there are some things you should consider. The state offers a wide variety of landscapes and backdrops that can fit your desires.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Ranching in Colorado

The High Plains of Colorado

About half of Colorado’s landscape is made up of the western edge of the Great Plains of the United States. These lands are where the cowboys once rustled cattle and drove them to their ranches. Today, cattle drives are all but gone, but ranching is still an active industry in Colorado’s high plains region.

The farther east you go, the more rural you are. The greatest views to pick among Colorado ranches for sale in the Great Plains region would be those that are located closer to the Rocky Mountains. They will offer a variable landscape while giving plenty of grasses for your cattle to graze on.

The Rocky Mountains

Ranching does not always have to involve cattle. Nowhere is that more apparent than on those properties that lie in the valleys of the Rockies. These ranches are going to have clearings to keep smaller herds of cattle, so that will not be your main industry. However, if you are not planning on getting into cattle herding, you can still use cattle as some supplementary income or even a hobby.

The best part of a mountain ranch is the hunting that is offered. Colorado has an extensive range of animals that are legal to hunt. The hunting season is incredibly popular in Colorado. Having land in the untamed reaches of the mountain valleys will prove bountiful with plenty of game that is all yours on your own property.

Urban or Rural

An excellent consideration that you have a choice on is your location relative to population centers. Colorado has its main urban corridor running right on the border of the mountains and plains. Denver serves as the center of this urban zone and it stretches for a good length of the state.

If you want to live near an urban center, then you can locate your ranch near this area. Because of its location, you can live on either side of the urban corridor and still have a choice between mountains or plains.

On the other hand, outside of this urban corridor, the towns in Colorado spread out more. You can decide to settle in a rural region and you will still have a smaller population center near you.

Whatever location you decide on for your new ranch, you will delight in the endless opportunities that Colorado has to offer. It is a state that has a fascinating landscape with interesting landmarks. It gives off both an urban and rural feel that is really unique. Its natural beauty will be the hallmark of every Colorado ranch and will leave you trying to decide what backdrop you will want.


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