3 Things You Need to Know about the Great Plains Region

As you conduct your research preparing to buy luxury ranches, you may notice that a large portion of them are located in what is known as the Great Plains Region. This region has had a massive influence on the United States and its ranching culture. It offers thousands of miles of rich grasslands that are perfect for cattle grazing, with plenty of arable land for farming as well.

3 Things You Need to Know about the Great Plains Region

The Great Plains extend in an almost straight line from the north in Canada all the way south to Texas. This region is the perfect place to start a new ranch. Here are 3 things to remember about the region as you narrow your search.

1.The Ogallala Aquifer

Nearly every state that is covered by the Great Plains also contains some part of the Ogallala Aquifer. This is a huge underground layer of water that is fed by the heavy rains that pass through the region during the spring and summer months. These waters are primarily used for farming where they are easy to extract.

The majority of the prairies are fed by these waters, which is why the grasslands have been able to sustain themselves for thousands of years. As a rancher, you might also be using these waters to sustain your cattle and your family on the Great Plains. For those concerned about the taste of well water, it doesn’t take long to get used to. Many ranchers whose houses sit on wells simply purchase bottled water for drinking.

2.The Great Plains Culture

The region has been settled by Europeans for hundreds of years, but the population really exploded during the 19th century, before and after the Civil War. During the early 1800s, the United States government offered incentives to encourage the population to move to the region. People would stake vast areas of land for practically nothing.

During this time of pioneering, the land eventually developed its own unique culture. Today, this pioneer culture has left its mark on the styles and manners of the people, as well as the ranching techniques. When you move to the Great Plains region, you will notice right away that dressing like a cowboy is the norm and ranching has become a well-established art form.

3.There Aren’t Many People

At first, this may seem like a bad quality, but in the end you will realize that it contributes to the culture of the prairie. Going into town will be an event where you will meet your ranching neighbors and you will get to know the people that live around you. Some towns serve as anchors for up to a 50 mile radius.

These towns are the focal points of the prairie. Because there are so few people, it is easy to get to know who lives around you, and everyone is willing to lend each other a hand.

The Great Plains region is a fascinating area of the United States that is inhabited by very few people. In recent times, there has been a boom in ranching in the region thanks to the growing beef industry. If you are looking to buy luxury ranches, you should look no further than areas in the Great Plains.


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