3 Things to Know about Nebraska

Nebraska shares a lot of similarities with other states in the Great Plains region. The capital city of Lincoln and the state’s largest city Omaha are both located far at the eastern end of the state. Most of the population lives in the area around those two cities. The further west into the plains that you go, the less people you will find.

3 Things to Know about Nebraska

The following are a few interesting things to get to know about the state of Nebraska.

1.European Influence

Even though Nebraska sits in the heartland of the United States, the state has a unique culture that was influenced by the immigrants that settled there. Most native Nebraskans with European heritage trace their ancestors back to Germany or the Czech Republic. These two cultures further left their mark on the state’s cuisine and culture.

The Czech cuisine comes out in many different foods such as runza, the Reuben sandwich, or funnel cakes. The state also holds a huge Oktoberfest in Omaha that is the epitome of the beer culture that comes out of Germany and the rest of that region of Europe.

2.Ranching is Central to Nebraska

Because the state has lots of grassland, it’s only logical that it will also play host to lots of cattle for grazing. Nebraska is home to millions of cows, which actually outnumber the human population of the state. Its central location within the US has made the state important to the cattle industry for more than a century.

If you want to get into ranching, look to buy ranches in Nebraska. It’s ranching culture and general support of ranches helps a lot of first-time ranch owners get acclimated to the lifestyle quickly.

3.Nebraskans are Known for Being Nice

The Nebraskan population has a unique culture that is stereotypically overly polite. But if you talk to most Midwesterners, that’s really the only way to be. Being a state with such a low population density, the people of Nebraska have grown up being friendly. It is hard to make enemies when you only have a few people living near you as they might be your only option if you need someone to watch the house while you are gone.

It is very common for Nebraskans to strike up conversations with strangers. Even if you move out to a ranch with only two neighbors, they will still go out of their way to welcome you to the “neighborhood” with a present and some friendly company. This overt politeness has given the entire state a small town feel.

Despite its reputation for being made up entirely of flat, unchanging grasslands, the state actually has plenty of rivers and hills. These rivers are used, along with the huge Ogallala aquifer, to feed the many ranches and farms throughout.

When a lot of people from the coasts think of Nebraska, they may just think of a fly-over state with a lot of corn and cattle. However, the state is a host to many surprises that will charm you into choosing it as your home.


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