Five Different Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss in Colorado

Colorado is often known as the Granola State because people that move there tend to focus on fitness and celebrating the outdoors. As a result, many different events and festivals focus on that quality of Colorado’s culture. When you are looking for ranches for sale in Colorado, you should keep an outdoorsy lifestyle in mind.

The following are some great festivals and celebrations that take place throughout the state of Colorado.

1. Colorado Springs Balloon Classic

There is no better way to experience the glory and magnificence of the Rocky Mountains than by looking at them from the air, and there is no better festival for doing so than the Balloon Classic. This festival has been taking place for nearly forty years in Colorado Springs towards the end of summer in early September. You can take to the sky in one of hundreds of hot air balloons that float through the air to offer spectacular vistas of the Rockies and the surrounding countryside.

Denver skyline and the Bucking Bronco statue

2. Colorado State Fair

The State Fair, which takes place at the end of August and the beginning of September every year in Pueblo, Colorado, is a great place to look at the livestock that is trending in the region while you look for ranches for sale in Colorado. This state fair is unique to state fairs and, while it does feature classic events like livestock shows and rodeo events, there are also fun, random events like cow-milking and a rodeo for kids where they try to hold themselves on top of sheep.

3. Beer Festivals

It is almost impossible to mention Colorado without including its extensive craft beer culture. Throughout the fall season, there are hundreds of different events focused on independent and small-time craft breweries. The largest of these festivals is Denver’s Octoberfest in September, which is a celebration of German culture as well as Colorado’s beer.

4.  The Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival has taken place in Steamboat Springs, Colorado every February for nearly a century. It is a unique celebration of Coloradan winter culture that is well-known throughout the United States. There are many events that focus on winter sports and cuisine, eventually culminating in a gigantic fireworks display and a Burning Man-inspired effigy that is lit on fire.

5. National Western Stock Show

This is a huge rodeo event that takes place in Colorado through the middle of January. It focuses on livestock and the admiration of cowboy culture. It is definitely something to check out for those who are just getting into ranching so they can learn a little about the profession.

All of these events are great representations of Coloradan pride and culture that are celebrated throughout the year. There is a wide variety of things to do in Colorado because of the state’s diverse background and people. When looking for ranches for sale in Colorado, you should take a look at the events that might interest you so that you can take part in the pride of being a Coloradan.


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