5 Festivals You Can’t Miss in Utah

Your search for ranches for sale in Utah has probably left you wondering what there is to do in that state. Utah is particularly known for the Church of Latter-day Saints, centered in Salt Lake City, but it is actually a very diverse and multicultural state with different things to do and see every day. While it is primarily known for its natural beauty, Utah has some other noteworthy sights to take in throughout the year.


The following are just five of the popular events held in the state.

1. The Sundance Film Festival

You cannot mention festivals in Utah without giving due attention to Sundance, which is a popular movie festival that started in the 1980s. It is held during the last weeks of January in Salt Lake City and draws thousands of people. It is actually one of the largest film festivals in the world.

Sundance focuses on independent films outside of the big studio motion pictures. While American fiction is the primary genre, it also focuses on documentaries and international films.

2. America’s Freedom Festival

The America’s Freedom Festival that takes place on the Fourth of July every year in Provo, Utah is one of the biggest Independence Day celebrations in the country. The festival is centered on the Stadium of Fire at Brigham Young University, where a massive fireworks display attracts thousands. It also features twenty-five different events throughout the town of Provo.

3. Utah State Fair

Your search for ranches for sale in Utah has probably made you curious about what kind of livestock you might want to raise on your new ranch. Look no further than the Utah State Fair, which takes place in early September in Salt Lake City, Utah. The fair features many different exhibits and carnival rides, as well as entertainment and, of course, livestock shows.

4. Moab Music Festivals

The town of Moab, Utah plays host to two different music festivals during the fall season. The first is the Moab Music Festival that takes place in September. It offers distinctive styles for a music festival, focusing on classical music, vocals, and jazz that is performed by artists from all around the country.

The Moab Folk Festival takes place in early November and celebrates the country’s folk music. It is one of the most popular folk music festivals in the country.

5. Western Legends RoundUp

Taking place in the town of Kanab, Utah during mid-August, the RoundUp event is focused on providing festival-goers with the experience of the old west. Being a state that was important during the great cattle drives and wagon trains of the old west, Utah offers a unique experience for those who want to learn about cowboy culture.

Utah is one of the most distinctive states in the Union. Each one of the hundreds of festivals held in the state throughout the year is a testament to that fact. When you are looking for ranches for sale in Utah, take note that the state is fantastic for its culture and western lifestyle.


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