5 Great Events to Visit in Nebraska

While looking for ranches for sale in Nebraska, you will want to take a look at all that the state has to offer as well. Like any state, Nebraska has celebrations throughout the year specific to that state,during which you can enjoy the Nebraskan identity.

Nebraska stamp

The Cornhusker State has always been known for agriculture, and therefore, the majority of its festivals celebrate that fact.The following are some great events that you should head out and see while you are living in the great state of Nebraska.

1. NEBRASKAland Days

Western Nebraska is a rural area that is full of ranchers and farmers and serves as a contrast to the metropolitan east. The NEBRASKAland festival, however, brings thousands from all over the country into North Platte, Nebraska in the middle of June to celebrate music and food. There are even rodeo events that showcase the ranchers of Nebraska.

2. Nebraska’s Big Rodeo

The Big Rodeo is a celebration of Nebraska’s ranching culture that you simply must take part in if you are considering ranches for sale in Nebraska. The Big Rodeo is nearly a century old and takes place in the last week of July in Burwell, Nebraska. It features the standard rodeo events as well as a massive livestock show to check out the livestock of the state.

3. Omaha Summer Arts Festival

In the past few decades, Omaha has become a city with its own culture and identity that is centered on arts and culture. The Summer Arts Festival, which takes place in June, is a celebration of that fact and is the largest gathering of artists in the city to showcase their works and to share ideas. When you go, you will see art from all different mediums while listening to several independent bands from the area and around the state.

4. Intertribal Gathering at Fort Robinson State Park

The intertribal gathering is the largest Pow Wow in the state of Nebraska. It is held at a state park near Crawford, Nebraska. The gathering celebrates the cultures of hundreds of different tribes from throughout the United States and features traditional music, dance, and crafts. The Pow Wow showcases Native American identity and hopes to educate the population about their culture.

5. Husker Harvest Days

This would not be a list of Nebraskan events without an event dedicated to being a cornhusker. Husker Harvest Days is an event that takes place in Grand Island, Nebraska and celebrates the state’s corn agricultural industry. It should also be noted that the event is the largest completely irrigated event in the world.

Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State because its main industry has always been agriculture, especially ranching and corn, which are two industries that complement each other. As you look for ranches for sale in Nebraska, you should look at the different events in the state to check out what the state has to offer. You will not be disappointed.


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