5 Popular Cultural Events in Wyoming

In your search for ranches in Wyoming for sale you may be wondering what to do in the Equality state. Luckily, there are plenty of different cultural events year round that cater to everyone’s interests. These range from events celebrating Wyoming’s cultural diversity to events celebrating its natural diversity.

Rodeo Team roping

The following are just a few of the many events you will expect when you move out to the great state of Wyoming.

1. Grand Teton Music Festival

This is a summer festival that celebrates classical music in Teton Village, Wyoming at the doorstep of Yellowstone national park. The festival gathers renowned orchestras, quartets, and soloists as they express their talents and passion for music to the crowds that have come to see them. It is a great place to enjoy the natural beauty of Wyoming in the summer while listening to amazing and brilliant classical pieces.

2. Wyoming’s Big Show

This is a state fair of sorts that takes place during July and August in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The Big Show offers a huge range of attractions that celebrate Wyoming’s cowboy culture and rural lifestyle with rodeo shows, carnival rides, and livestock fairs. Entertainers from all over the country go out to play at show and there is a fantastic fireworks display towards the end.

3. Sheridan Wyo Rodeo

Since 1931, this rodeo has taken place in Sheridan, Wyoming and it is held during mid-July. The Rodeo is the largest outside of Cheyenne, and it provides a more traditional rodeo experience overall.

The event features classic mainstays of any rodeo such as cattle shows and cowboy events. It also includes cultural events, including a Native American Pow Wow, carnival, and a parade.

4. Jackson Hole Old West Days

Jackson Hold, Wyoming has a popular reputation as being one of the many “Old West” towns that played host to cowboys and wagon trains on the way to California. This festival celebrates the town’s interesting past.

Visitors will enjoy the theater, music, and even a shootout as they take in scenes that are inspired by the old days of cowboys and Indians. The festival lasts for four days during the month of May.

5. Cheyenne Frontier Days

It would be unfair to Wyoming if we failed to place a good old fashioned Rodeo on this list, and Frontier Days is probably the most old fashioned, having lasted for over a century. The rodeo features the best of Wyoming’s culture and, let’s face it, you are looking for ranches for sale in Wyoming because you want to be part of that cowboy culture. It takes place during the summer, in the final weeks of July.

Wyoming has a fantastic and admirable culture that you will be able to enjoy from year to year. These are just 5 of the most famous festivals in Wyoming, but, despite the state’s small population, there will never be a lack of things to do and visit while living out in big sky country. So when you are looking for ranches for sale in Wyoming, imagine all the fun things you’ll get to do and see living there.


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