5 Unique Festivals in New Mexico

The unique side of New Mexico comes out in the form of its festivals and fairs that are held throughout the state. The state itself stands at the crossroads of several different cultures that meld together seamlessly into one single identity. When you look for ranches in New Mexico for sale, you will begin to notice this mix just by looking at the different scenery and architecture that is used.

Indian Pow Wow

The following are some different celebrations of New Mexican culture and identity.

1. The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

New Mexico is second to Alaska in the number of Native Americans in the state, being a demographic that represents about 10% of the whole population. The fascinating rituals and traditions of the different tribes in New Mexico, and the rest of the United States as well as Canada, have been preserved and celebrated through the Gathering of Nations which takes place in Albuquerque at the end of April every year.

Festival goers can witness different rituals of different tribes, as well as shop through crafts and arts that will not be seen elsewhere in the world.

2. Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

The international folk art market puts the international quality of New Mexico on display every year to demonstrate different works of hundreds of New Mexicans representing about 40 countries. It is a great place to get ideas for decoration and celebrate culture, and it takes place in Santa Fe during mid-July.

3. New Mexico State Fair

For those potential ranchers scouting for ranches in New Mexico for sale, the New Mexico State Fair is a great way to meet established ranchers as well as look at livestock for purchase to start to get into the state’s extensive cattle industry. The State Fair is one of the largest in the United States and takes place in Albuquerque during early September.

4. Lea County Fair and Rodeo

You cannot go to New Mexico and miss one of the state’s famous Rodeos. The Lea County Fair is a perfect example of a local rodeo that celebrates the skills of New Mexico’s ranchers. It is held every August in Lovington, New Mexico.

5. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta is a weeklong event during the month of October. It is known for being probably the largest balloon festival in the country. Hundreds of balloons go in the air, showcasing a variety of colors and designs.

Apart from the balloon launches, known as Mass Ascensions, there are also great showcases such as laser light shows and fireworks shows that take place at night.

New Mexico’s culture is a great mixture of Hispanic, Anglo American, and Native American traditions and qualities that create a unique culture that gives cause for big celebrations that are held throughout the year. As you are looking for ranches in New Mexico for sale, you may end up researching all of these traits of the Enchanted State to figure out just what to expect. Needless to say, you will not be disappointed with what the state has to offer.


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