How to Pick Out Cattle for Your Ranch

You’re looking for luxury ranches for sale, and you are thinking of starting a cattle ranching business to make some money and work off the land. Your first step to establishing yourself as a rancher is to choose what type of cattle you want to raise on your land.

Texas longhorn

There are many factors that go into picking the type of cattle.The hard part in choosing between different types of cattle is that they have different qualities of meat, along with different types of adaptations. The adaptations have been bred into the cattle to allow them to live in certain environments. The following are some different types of traits you should look for in your herd.

1. Size

Many people will automatically jump after the largest breed of cattle in the hopes of producing the highest yield of meat or milk from that breed. While this may sound logical, it is actually a more difficult factor than you might realize. Bigger breeds call for more feed and more water in order to live.

The higher consumption of these breeds can cut into your profits, and they can be especially difficult during the summer in areas where it gets particularly hot, like the Great Plains region of the Southwest. They also might be harder to breed in general in order to grow your herd, which means you will be waiting longer to finally turn a profit. Finally, smaller cattle do better on smaller tracts of land.

2. Adaptability

As previously stated, the cow’s size plays a factor in how it adapts to the land and how much it consumes. However, adaptability plays a much bigger role in how healthy your cattle will be. You should always determine what type of environment is preferred by the breed you are selecting.

For example, you should never take a breed that is adapted to hot weather, such as that of New Mexico, and take it to a ranch in Wyoming. The breed simply will not thrive and may even get ill and die off completely. It is important to look at the breed’s special adaptations in order to properly raise your cattle.

3. Single Purpose or Dual Purpose

This is a particularly important decision that you will take into consideration depending on the location of the luxury ranch for sale that you are looking at. For example, Wisconsin is known for its dairy while Texas is known for its meat. Different breeds are better at serving one purpose, such as dairy production.

However, there are some dual-purpose breeds that will serve well for small-scale operations when you are not expecting a lot of cattle. In that case, the dual-purpose breed will provide meat, leather, and dairy products without a problem.

The above considerations should be made when deciding on the breed you want to use to enter the cattle industry. Each breed has been raised for a specific purpose or a specific region, and those adaptations should be respected while looking at luxury ranches for sale in order to have a successful cattle business.

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