3 Things about the Geography of Utah

Utah is a unique state—with a history that is even more unique. Nowhere is this uniqueness more apparent than in the geography of the state itself. For example, the Great Salt Lake is one of only a few natural salt lakes in the nation and the largest lake outside of the Great Lakes region.

Three Things about the Geography of Utah.jpg

The unique identity of Utah has made it a great place to settle down. Utah ranches have been a very popular part of its cultures for centuries. In fact, the cattle industry has been growing exponentially, as demand for beef is increasing all over the world.

If you are looking for a place to move to and settle down in the countryside, Utah offers an eclectic landscape for all tastes. The following are just a few examples.

  1. The Mesas of the Old West

Spring dale is a town that is located in the southwestern corner of Utah, where the state meets the borders of Nevada and Arizona. Given its location, the geography of the region around Spring dale is reminiscent of the Old West. In fact, the town is an old ranching and farming community that was founded in 1862.

The thing that stands out about the region surrounding Spring dale is the Old West feel. Places like Zion National Park really stand out as places of unparalleled natural beauty. If you are looking for a Southwest desert feel, look no further than the southwestern region of Utah.

  1. The Green Hills of the North

If you aren’t looking for the desert feel, then maybe the northern region of Utah will suit your style. The town of Peterson is a perfect example of the pristine beauty of the area surrounding the Great Salt Lake. This area is perfect for ranching because it has great weather along with fertile lands.

In fact, many Utah ranches are located in this region in order to take advantage of the proximity to Salt Lake City. From there, ranches can export their meat all over the country and throughout the world. Small towns like Peterson dot the region to support the ranches and provide them with everyday necessities.

  1. The Majesty of the Rockies

Utah’s eastern portion is dominated by the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains. This area is forested with stands of trees between great swaths of plains. The scenic beauty will make you stare in awe every morning you get up and look out the window.

This area has plenty of Utah ranches, mainly because of the easy availability of fresh water in the region thanks to the Green River and its tributaries that feed the region as a whole. The ready availability of fresh water means the plains are lush and fertile and able to sustain cattle grazing.

The above three regions are just a few examples of the beauty of Utah’s landscape. While the state is mainly known for Salt Lake City and its surrounding area, the city itself only represents a small portion of the northern part of the state. As a whole, Utah is unique and filled with many different fascinating places.


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