5 Ways to Create a Green Ranch

Colorado is a state that is known for its focus on sustainable living. There is a clear emphasis on creating a world that has a future rather than consuming today and leaving tomorrow for others to worry about. Ranching is no different, and sustainable methods should be used to ensure that the land is used for the same purpose fifty years down the road.

5 Ways to Create a Green Ranch.jpg

Colorado ranches are the perfect examples of this fact. If you are looking to start a ranch yourself in the Centennial state, take a look at these techniques for going green on your new ranch.

  1. Land Management

This is probably the most important part of going green on your ranch. While you are out with the cattle, You could make sure you manage where they graze and what they are grazing on. While most of the time you may let them roam free, it would be better to manage exactly where they roam.

Desertification is the change in the landscape from green grasslands to a desert. This is particularly a problem in the Southwest, where the deserts have been growing steadily year by year. Part of this has been contributed to poor land management, which can be resolved with a simple change in how cattle are managed and allowed to graze.

  1. Less is More

Of course, part of management on Colorado ranches is their focus on small-scale industry rather than intense, massive cattle farms. There is a movement to start buying local products to take to market, which is an added benefit for you. Large-scale cattle ranches are unsustainable due to the sheer amount of feeding they have to provide for each individual cow.

In addition, it’s difficult to manage the quality of the beef when there are so many cows. You could focus on creating a smaller business. Your customers and their consumers will appreciate the high quality of your personally raised cattle.

  1. Water Use

Rural areas are probably the most vulnerable when a drought comes around. Water for ranches are normally sourced locally, and when that source dries up, it will create a real problem for your business. For this reason, You could make water management a key factor in running your ranch.

This doesn’t mean you have to purposely dehydrate your cattle, but rather, you can make small changes to manage how they consume water. Troughs should never be in direct sunlight, for example, in order to reduce evaporation. You could also change the landscaping in your yard to reduce personal water use, and, of course, make sure you have a tank to collect rainwater.

The green movement has been flourishing for a few years now, and it has become a prime selling point in many industries. You can use this as a selling point to your customers as well by making yourself stand out among other Colorado ranches with a green, sustainable product that is locally produced. Best of all, the changes from normal ranching techniques will be innovative and will sustain your business for many years down the line.


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