3 Ways Native Americans Influence New Mexico

New Mexico hosts some of the most influential Native American tribes in the country. Native Americans and those who are related to them make up a significant portion of the population, and the percentage of Native Americans has left a lasting mark on the state’s culture and dealings.

Ceremonial feathered headdresses.

Unlike many states with significant Native American populations, New Mexico’s population is a mix of those who live on the reservations and those who live in the cities. The integration of a significant Native American population can be seen in the state’s art styles as well as more abstract concepts such as the focus on nature. If you are looking for a New Mexico ranch for sale, you should take these facts into consideration.

1. The Art

When anyone thinks New Mexico, they might immediately picture adobe brick houses that withstand the elements of the harsh desert. The adobe style is just one influence from Native American peoples that has been established in New Mexico’s unique style. The art influence goes even further, with a noticeable impact on painting styles and prolific symbolism that include desert animals and other symbols.

The art influence also carries over to the landscaping and architecture of many buildings in the area. Your New Mexico ranch for sale might feature a lot of exposed wood and local plants that thrive in New Mexico rather than a brick house and a lawn. These features are important for New Mexico and its preservation.

2. The Cuisine

New Mexico’s cuisine is greatly influenced by a wealth of different cultures, especially Hispanic and Native American food. The melting pot of food stuffs will leave you addicted to the savory flavors that often smell just as good as they taste. In addition, many different ways of growing and grazing in the desert heat come from methods passed down by the Native Americans.

One particular influence of note is the use of chili peppers in cooking. There are a lot of different strains of pepper that are descended directly from Native American cultivation. One cultivar in particular is known as the New Mexico, and it is the culmination of selective breeding from many different native types of pepper.

3. The Festivals

Probably the most influential elementswe can credit to the Native Americans are their religious and celebratory festivals that have been established as official events throughout the state. The most commonly visited are the Native American Pow Wows, which celebrate the different Native cultures that are unique to the state and the country as a whole.

Many festivals are centered around religious ceremonies as well and include different dances and celebrations that are downright foreign to people in other states, as well as around the world.

The cultural influence that comes from Native Americans is evident in the state of New Mexico. As you look through New Mexico ranches for sale, you will inevitably notice this influence. Everything from the art to the cuisine is influenced by their culture, and New Mexico is proud to claim this as an aspect that makes the state unique.


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