5 Top Events in Montana

Montana is colloquially known as “Big Sky Country” because it is one of the biggest states in the country, with plenty of mountains and prairies in between. The natural features of the state are largely uninterrupted, which allows for an unhindered view of the sky that stretches for miles in every direction. The small towns that dot the state take pride in their small size and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them.

5 Top Events in Montana.jpg

If you are looking for Montana ranches for sale, you might notice the many different cultural events that celebrate Montana and its unique features. The following are a few of the must-see events for when you visit the state—or if you decide to live there.

1. Nevada City Living History Program

This event appreciates the state’s history of settlement that is linked to the Gold Rush era that ran from the late 1800s after the Civil War all the way to the early 1900s. The event features fully constructed buildings that are contemporary to the era, along with living history actors who allow the visitors to a have an up-close and personal experience. The festival runs through the summer, starting on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day.

2. Custer’s Last Stand and Little Bighorn Days

This event consists of a reenactment of the famous battle of Colonel Custer, who was defeated by a majority Lakota army at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Afterward, there are other cultural events that allow visitors to learn the history of the battle and the Great Sioux War itself, as well as a look at many different Native American handicrafts. The festival lasts for four days in late June.

3. Lewis and Clark Festival

This festival is an interesting experience that allows visitors to learn about the adventure of the two world-renowned travelers as they surveyed the Louisiana Purchase. Part of their expeditions took place in Montana as they traveled on their way to what is now Washington State. The event takes place during the third weekend in June in Great Falls, Montana.

4. Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede

This is a must-see event for those who are considering Montana ranches for sale because it shows off all the livestock and ranching that the state has to offer. It is a three-day event during July that takes place in Wolf Point, Montana. The event is centered on cowboy culture and features a renowned horse race.

5. Montana Fair

The Montana Fair takes place in the state’s largest city of Billings and also showcases the livestock and agricultural aspects of Montana’s economy. In addition, there are plenty of youth and rodeo events that are focused on showcasing Montana’s cowboy culture. It runs for nine days in the middle of August.

All of the above events are just a few examples of the cultural experience that Montana has to offer. Looking through Montana ranches for sale, you might consider going to one of these events to get a real feel for what Big Sky Country is all about.


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