Why You Should Settle Down in Nebraska

Nebraska is known as the “Cornhusker State” because it has a long history of agriculture, especially that which is centered on farming vegetables such as potatoes and corn. Apart from this type of agriculture, there is also a lot of emphasis on livestock and raising cattle as well. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the demand for Nebraska ranches for sale.

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Today, there is a high demand for beef throughout the world, which has led many to seek out the extensive grazing lands in Nebraska to stake their claim just like the homesteaders did nearly two hundred years earlier. The following are some reasons why Nebraska is the state of choice for ranching.

Economic Growth

For years now, there has been a steadily increasing demand for beef in nearly all parts of the world, but there has been a shortage of actual livestock owners to fulfill these demands. Because of this, the price of beef has been going up in order to deal with the supply shortage. This has made the beef industry a very lucrative place to start a business.

Plenty of Land

Nebraska is known throughout the country for having miles and miles of flat, open land. In fact, along with Kansas and Oklahoma, the state is sitting right in the heart of the Great Plains region, which has been known since the Louisiana Purchase for its excellent grazing conditions. The availability of land along with the encouragement from economic growth has created an increase in the number of Nebraska ranches for sale.

Established Infrastructure

The cattle industry has been a staple of the Nebraskan economy since the state’s inception. Because of this, all infrastructure projects in the state have been centered on making it easier for the cattle industry to move their products to the market. The excellent infrastructure overall lowers transportation costs and makes it easier to make logistical calculations.

Natural Beauty

The area where Nebraska beats out its neighbors in the Great Plains heartland comes from the state’s natural beauty. The state of Nebraska crawls over sprawling plains that start out east and stretch all the way to the western end. These plains are not flat, however, but cover sprawling hills that have rivers snaking through and splitting up the geography overall.

The State’s Encouragement

While other states have been discouraging development for years now, Nebraska has been focused on its growing cattle industry. This active influence on the economic growth in raising livestock has been complemented by the state’s own focus on decentralization, with many small towns located throughout the state instead of one big major city taking over the state’s economy.

With the growing demand for beef and Nebraska’s established reputation as being a center for raising livestock, there seem to be no signs that should discourage one from moving out and browsing the many Nebraska ranches for sale. Given the current climate, Nebraska can be the perfect place to start out in the ranching lifestyle.


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