The Growth of Utah’s Ranching Industry

While most people think that Utah had been founded simply based on its association with the Church of Latter Day Saints, there is a much deeper history that runs parallel to that fact. In order to establish a new territory in the United States, industry had to be established. That industry came out of raising cattle on Utah’s vast plains that offered great grazing lands.

The Growth of Utah’s Ranching Industry.jpg

When you search for Utah ranches for sale, you may notice that the state’s ranching industry is in a boom period. That is mainly because the demand for beef has been rising all over the world. Even though the state’s land has a long history of cattle ranching, today, it has become something of a hallmark of economic growth in the United States.

The Best Spots for Ranching

While most of the population lives in the valley that is anchored by Salt Lake City and its metropolitan area, the ranching industry in Utah has two main locations,set a bit out of the way. These spots are known for being wild lands that harken back to frontier times.

The first area is in the east, near the Colorado border, especially around the Wasatch Range where there are many creeks and rivers that provide water for exceptional grazing lands. This area is the centerpiece of the growing cattle industry, and many Utah ranches for sale are located in the region.

The second area is located in the south central area that is centered on Hanksville. This area is made up of pristine lands pockmarked by National Parks in order to preserve its natural beauty. Ranching here will ensure that you wake up to a beautiful view every morning.

The Renewed Demand for Beef

The growing cattle industry in Utah has rested on the fact that countries such as China have become wealthier, which is creating a market for great quality beef from the United States. The rising demand has given a new opportunity for those who want to dive into the ranching lifestyle and establish themselves as a rancher. The demand, which shows no signs of slowing down, has made it a perfect industry to invest in for a guaranteed profit down the road.

Raising cattle can serve as both supplementary and primary income thanks to the growing beef market. The prospective rancher may also decide to branch out and look at other types of livestock such as buffalo, sheep, or goats. Whatever you decide, you will be able to find a market.

Utah’s Pride

Utah has begun to pride itself on the cattle industry that has been at its center since the state’s foundation. So many Utah ranches for sale have been popping up to reflect this fact. Another sign of Utah’s pride comes from the state’s many county fairs and livestock shows that showcase the pride and joy of this industry.

While it may seem difficult to jump in and start ranching right away, now is a better time than ever to take advantage of the new market growth and establish yourself for years to come.


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