5 Key Points about Living in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska, also known as the Corn husker State, is a state that is wildly proud of its rural identity and culture. This influence has played a major role in how the state has developed since its growth from the homesteader days and as a stopping point for the Transcontinental Railroad. Today, Nebraska is well known for this culture.

5 Key Points about Living in Nebraska.jpg

When considering whether to buy Nebraska ranches, you must take the state’s cultural identity into account. That being said, there are a few key points of living in Nebraska that you should probably be familiar with before moving there. The following are some of the five major things to know when living in Nebraska.

1. Be a Huskers Fan!

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is the home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Division I football team that is well known throughout the United States. In order to move to Nebraska, it’s almost a requirement to become a Huskers fan simply because they play such a huge role in the state’s identity; seriously, Huskers games can shut down many towns in the state.

2. The Food

When you move to Nebraska, you will notice two things: the color red for the Huskers and the huge emphasis on ethnic foods. Specifically, these foods will be mostly from places like Poland and Germany, the countries of origin for many of the original homestead farmers two centuries prior. Thanks to Nebraska’s huge ranching industry, you will also find tons of beef cooked in a variety of ways.

3. Friendliness

Being a rural state, Nebraskans are very in tune with their state identity. That being said,you will find out very quickly that no matter where you are, Nebraskans will strike up conversations with you as if you were their neighbors. This is completely normal and, in fact, endearing to those who come from out of the state.

4. The Distance

Because you have begun considering becoming a rancher, you’ve probably already come to terms with the fact that you’re going to have to drive for miles to get into town. In Nebraska, driving miles is a part of daily life. This is such a fact that road trips are never measured in miles, but rather in the amount of time it’ll take to get there (most likely hours).

5. The Landscape

Despite being stereotyped as flat, rural grassland with nothing to see for miles, Nebraska is actually gorgeous. The state is lined with rivers starting with its easternmost border and extending west. Nebraska has been separated into five major geographical regions, all defined by the different features that make up the landscape; they range from flat grasslands to rolling sand dunes.

The above are just five ways that Nebraska has carved out a unique identity for itself among the fifty states. When you buy a Nebraska ranch, you are not only getting land in the state, but you will be committing to the state’s unique cultural traditions. Get ready to be a cornhusker!


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