The Appeal of Big Sky Country

Montana, or Big Sky Country as it is affectionately called, is one of the largest states in the Union as well as one of the most sparsely populated. These two qualities have left almost all of Montana’s natural landscape untouched by human civilization, giving it a beauty that is unmatched by other states. When you are looking to buy Montana ranches for sale, you can be sure to find land that is surrounded by this captivating beauty.

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Aside from the natural beauty, Montana has plenty to see and experience that is available nowhere else. These features can be witnessed throughout the state, from cities like Billings to the mountains of the Rockies. The following are some reasons that create such appeal to move to Montana.

The Diversity

Despite its name, Montana is not solely made up of mountains. In fact, the state can be split into two major parts that are not necessarily equal but are individually important.

The western part of Montana is where the Rocky Mountains dominate and where the state gets its namesake. Usually, people will refer to western Montana simply as the “mountain part” as opposed to the eastern part of the state. Ranches are not as common in this side for lack of availability of open land, but the largest towns are located in this side of the state.

The eastern part of the state is known as the “plains side” and is where the Rocky Mountains gradually flatten out into the Great Plains region of the United States. Towns are sparse in this region, and it is dominated by the ranching culture thanks to the wide open land and abundant grasslands. When you want to buy Montana ranches for sale, you should look in this region.

The Natural Beauty

It’s undeniable that Montana’s biggest draw is the state’s natural beauty. The pride in this beauty was the inspiration for the state’s nickname, “Big Sky Country.” The name comes from the fact that there are so few cities in the state.

Going nearly anywhere in the state, you will witness huge skies that seem to engulf you. At night, these skies are lit by thousands of stars and even the Milky Way. It really is a sight to behold.

In addition, thanks to the diversity of the state, you will see a wealth of wildlife and natural landmarks. The wildlife is abundant and ranges from different types of deer to bison and birds. Fishing is also great in the state, as there are plenty of rivers fed by glaciers and mountain ice caps.

The Appeal of Montana

The natural beauty and the state’s diversity create a unique experience for anyone who wants to move to Montana. The main draw for those who want to buy Montana ranches for sale is the fact that the state’s rural culture is romanticized and encouraged to such a huge degree. Thanks to the huge size and small population, the state has been called one of the biggest small towns in the world.

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