5 Must-See Cities in Colorado

Colorado is great because it’s become a clash of cultures between the Old West style of living and more modern trends that have been taking over in the past ten years. While a lot of the time these two cultures tend to conflict with one another, Colorado has somehow found a way to let them mingle into the distinct Colorado lifestyle. When looking to buy Colorado ranches, you have to take this new lifestyle into account and make it your own.

Fort Collins at Night

Ranching is a huge industry in Colorado. Because the state’s biggest cities are spread out, however, there is plenty of land in between,which makes it easy to find a ranch that is located in a convenient location. Here are the top five cities in Colorado that you must visit when you move there.

1. Love land

This is a special sort of city that is well known for being the recipient of Valentines and love letters, just to get the Love land postmark before being sent to a loved one. Aside from this phenomenon, Love land is a small town with a huge bar culture, thriving in the center of Colorado’s home-brew industry.

2. Aspen

Aspen deserves a spot on this list simply because of its world-renowned status. Despite having less than 10,000 inhabitants, the city has been the center of a counterculture movement and is the nearest town to Aspen ski resort. Needless to say, this city is a must-see when taking in the sights of Colorado.

3. Boulder

Boulder has long been the poster child of the aforementioned mix of cultures that makes the state of Colorado unique. While the city is mainly known for being a college town thanks to hosting the main campus of the University of Colorado, the biggest activities in Boulder have to do with outdoor activities. People in Boulder are almost required to be obsessed with an outdoorsy lifestyle, whether it is hiking, cycling, or rock climbing.

4. Durango

If you really want to see what it would be like to buy Colorado ranches, look no further than Durango. The name of the city itself gives the air of a typical Old West cowboy town, and that name is well deserved, thanks to the city’s foundations in the cattle industry. Durango hosts a variety of events that play on its history, including rodeos and Old West shows.

5. Estes Park

The city of Estes Park is relatively small with only about 6,000 inhabitants; however it is significant in Colorado if anything for its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park. This city is a great place to stay while you go out and explore the wild frontier that Colorado has to offer.

These five cities have been chosen because they achieve the image of the typical Colorado lifestyle. Living in Colorado will make you want to get involved with this new and welcoming culture where you will be able to enjoy the home brewed beer, music festivals, and the wealth of activities outdoors. All of these different aspects will inspire you to get into the trend and buy Colorado ranches so you can establish yourself and become part of the culture and lifestyle.


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