4 Things to Remember When Buying Wyoming Hunting Ranches

For many, the downside to hunting is finding a convenient place to participate. Some travel hundreds of miles just to spend a few short days outside. Wyoming hunting ranches can provide a basecamp to make hunting more convenient and enjoyable than ever—complete with plains, foothills, and mountain ranges. It is the perfect state to invest in your own hunting ranch.Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking into purchasing your own hunting ranch in Wyoming or elsewhere.

4 Things to Remember When Buying Wyoming Hunting Ranches.jpg

 1. Location

Whether you’re looking to make this your primary home or weekend escape, there are a few things to consider when focusing on location.Seclusion, large acreage, diverse landscape, and scenery are all important qualities of a hunting ranch. Although the latter is not mandatory, it’s always nice to wake up to mountains or a stream outside of your window.

If you’re going to make this your full-time home, you’ll have to take location into careful consideration. This includes, but is not limited to, setting, school district (if you have children), and proximity to work,entertainment, and essential stores. For example, Cheyenne and Casper (the two areas with the largest population) are great for jobs, but Jackson and Laramie have the best-rated schools in the state.

If you’re looking to have this ranch as a retreat, while the things listed above can still be necessary, there are other deciding factors, too. Depending on  how often you plan on going to the ranch and how long you’ll be staying, you’ll want to think about the accessibility by car or plane. If you plan on going for occasional long weekends, you shouldn’t choose a place that will take too long to get to—this way you’ll have more time enjoying the ranch and less time traveling. If you’re traveling from out of state, there are many small airports in Wyoming, but Denver and Salt Lake City International Airports (both about an hour from the Wyoming border) offer cheaper, more frequent flights.

2. Proximity to Game

Just as important as location for a hunting ranch is proximity to game. Some ranches offer free-range hunting right off the front porch while others areadjacent to public land. If you like hunting a specific big-game animal, make sure the ranch you purchase is in the right geographic location. For example, Wyoming has the largest number of antelope, so it is a favorite destination for pronghorn hunters. But you can also find elk, deer, and moose, along with other big and small game. You can even go one step further by selecting a property that has a landscape that attracts an abundance of wildlife. This includes water sources, large meadows, or feeding opportunities.

 3. Amenities

In addition to good hunting, there are other amenities that you may want to have at your hunting ranch. It’s a good rule of thumb to make a list the things you can’t go without and the things you’re willing to forego. Many hunting ranches are also working livestock ranches while others have water irrigation.Some properties are located near great hiking, mountain biking, fly-fishing, snowmobiling, or other recreational opportunities in addition to hunting. Other examples of hunting ranch amenities could include multiple homes on the property, year-round access, or a swimming pool.

 4. Landowner Tags

A perk to owning property is access to landowner tags.In select states, including Wyoming, landowner tags can give you the ability to forgo the draw, which can give you the opportunity to hunt units that can be otherwise hard to come by.

Owning a hunting ranch

As this brief guide shows, there are many things to consider when looking into buying a hunting ranch in Wyoming. When you buy a hunting ranch, you are helping keep an important part of our history alive. By owning your own ranch, hunting will be more accessible, more feasible, and ultimately more enjoyable than ever.


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