5 Iconic Nebraskan Foods

Certain areas often create their own food items based on ingredients that are grown local to the area. Thanks to ranches in Nebraska, the state has plenty of the raw materials to come up with its own interesting cuisine. In fact, even though it is a state with such a small population, many different foods have made their way out to become popular nationwide. However, to get the real deal you have to live in or visit the state to know what authenticity tastes like.

Nebraska welcome road sign

If you are considering living in Nebraska, then you should get familiar with the state’s menu. The following are just 5 of the most popular foods that come directly from Cornhuskers.

1. The Reuben

This is a hot sandwich that is made up of Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and (of course) packed full of corned beef. If there is anything that presents all the best that Nebraska’s agriculture has to offer, it is this sandwich. While the sandwich has come from Nebraska, it is enjoyed in diners and restaurants nationwide.

2. Kool Aid

You may be wondering why this powdered fruit drink is featured on this list. This world famous beverage was actually invented by a Nebraskan in his mother’s kitchen in an effort to reduce shipping costs and make transporting juice more convenient. In fact, Kool Aid has been dubbed Nebraska’s state soft drink thanks to its origins and ubiquitous presence in the state.

3. Steak

Ranches in Nebraska are proud to claim that they produce some of the best steaks in the nation, and nowhere can that be experienced than in Nebraska itself. Seemingly ahead of national trends, Nebraska is filled with farm-to-table restaurants that allow for the freshest ingredients. If you want to enjoy a great steak, go to the wonderfully beef-filled state of Nebraska.

4. Runzas

Emigration from Russia in the 19th century, spurred on by the Homesteader Act, made Nebraska an ideal location to settle down and start a farm for people known as the Volga Germans who were ethnically German, but lived in Russia. They brought with them an interesting fusion cuisine that is exemplified in the runza, which is one of Nebraska’s state dishes. It Is a pocket of yeast dough bread filled with beef, pork, and other ingredients. They are a perfect food for eating on the go and tasty right down to the last bite.

5. Popcorn Balls

Weirdly enough, this common carnival confectionary was also invented in Nebraska. It’s actually not surprising, thanks to Nebraska’s extensive history as a state that is well-known for growing corn. These candy coated spheres represent the perfect balance between sweet and salty, packed into a convenient shape.

All of the above dishes are readily available throughout the United States today, but they can never be appreciated unless they have been prepared by Nebraskans themselves. Ranches in Nebraska produce some of the best meat that you will ever taste, and farms in Nebraska produce everything from corn to potatoes. All of this indicates just one thing: Nebraskans know how to make good food.


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