5 Reasons to Choose Montana

Montana gets its name from rom the Spanish word for mountain, montaña. The state really lives up to this name thanks to the fact that most of its landscape is dominated by the formidable and jagged Rocky Mountains. Montana ranch real estate takes advantage of the state’s unique landscape by allowing you to own a ranch that will always have a view.

5 Reasons to ChooseMontana.jpg

If you’re looking for a place out in the wilderness where you can settle down, enjoy nature, and live off the land, look no further than big sky country. Here are a few specific reasons why you will want to move to Montana.

1. Hunting

Montana boasts an impressively diverse wildlife, most of which would make very good game for amateur and seasoned hunters alike. The advantage of Montana ranch real estate comes from the fact that you will be able to hunt in your own back yard. The untamed beauty of the state will be right on your property, where animals will be free to roam and you will be able to pick the game of your choice.

2. Fishing

Montana has long been famous as a getaway for going out to camp and fish to your heart’s content. The state is covered with lakes and streams that are mostly fed by snow melt from the Rockies. These bodies of water have an impressive amount of fish that could be the source of your next meal.

3. The Sights

There’s no denying that Montana’s primary appeal is its natural beauty – you’ll find no big cities with glorified monuments here. If any place is a testament to that fact, look no further than world famous Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park. This park is just one example of the many different protected areas where you can go out and marvel at the wonders of nature.

4. The People

You cannot talk about Montana without talking about the people. Although it is a sparsely populated state, the people make up for it with a big identity that carries great affinity for its state. The state of Montana is known for being one of the biggest small towns in the world, where everyone from the Rockies in the west to the Great Plains in the east is there to offer a friendly smile and wave.

5. Ranching Culture

Despite its reputation and history of gold mining, Montana is actually in its prime when it comes to the cattle industry. The state has long taken advantage of rich grazing lands that lie in mountain valleys and eastern Great Plains, which can be attested to just by looking at Montana ranch real estate. With the beef industry experiencing a boom now is the perfect time to set down roots and get started.

Montana has an individual identity that cannot be compared to any other state in the union. The rich natural beauty combined with friendly people make it the perfect place to settle down and start a life. Montana ranch real estate is readily available so you can start doing just that.


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