Getting into Nebraska’s Cattle Ranch Industry

Did you know that Nebraska has the second biggest share of cattle in the United States? When you consider that Nebraska is within the Great Plains and is largely flat prairie land, it makes sense that the climate and geography is conducive to cattle ranching. With so much open and undeveloped land still in the state, there is plenty of room for you to procure your own ranch as well.

Getting into Nebraska’s Cattle Ranch Industry

While it may seem like there are so many cattle ranches out there, you can become part of the industry as well, and be quite profitable. Cattle are always in high demand for the food industry. If you are looking to extend your investment property portfolio, or find a new source of income in the real estate market, there is plenty of ranch land for sale in Nebraska.

Cattle Ranches

Cattle have been a mainstay key to the Nebraskan economy since the establishment of the state, as settlers began coming in droves during the late 1800s, many to establish their own cattle farms. This industry helped establish cities where the beef from the cattle ranches was processed.

Today, the economy remains largely agricultural, and the majority of the agricultural farming is dedicated to the production of beef. If you are interested in investing in this market and getting your own ranch, consider what you want out of the cattle first. Do you want them for beef, or a dairy farm? Do you want to have a large herd or a smaller scale operation? When you purchase a ranch that has already been used for cattle farming, the benefit is that you do not need to spend as much money on the infrastructure.

Ranches for Tourism

While cattle ranches are incredibly common and can be very profitable, it is not the only use for ranch land for sale in Nebraska as an investment property. Many ranches are being made for or converted to guest ranches (often colloquially known as dude ranches). This has been quite the profitable industry for many, including ranches that tend cattle as well.

As so much of America becomes urbanized and overpopulated, people are gaining an increasing desire to get away and back into nature. Guest ranches are the perfect antidote for this desire, and have been popular for years as a way that couples and groups can get a more authentic outdoor experience.

What types of activities are featured at the guest ranches are up to you, of course. Because many of these ranches also tend cattle, guests can experience the “cowboy” life by helping to herd cattle and horseback riding. Hunting is also very popular, and there are plenty of different game in Nebraska for everyone from the most skilled hunter to amateurs to be able to enjoy.

And with these ranches, you have a number of opportunities to choose from. Whether you want to get into the cattle ranch industry, create a ranch for tourism, or make one your own home, looking in Nebraska is a great place to start.


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