American Ranch Properties for Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is a popular big game sport in some parts of America. If you are interested in starting to hunt or moving on to bigger game, elk is a great choice. Whether you are an amateur or expert hunter, having a well-located ranch will help ensure that you get the most out of the hunting season. There are plenty of hunting ranches for sale in the American West where you will be able to hunt elk, along with other wildlife, and go hiking and fishing as well.

American Ranch Properties for Elk Hunting

What are Elk?

Elk are actually part of the deer family, like moose. However, they are smaller than the moose. Elk are noted for their uniquely gamey taste, and of course, with one elk there is plenty of meat to go around. They can also be challenging to find in the wilderness depending on where you are, making the hunt more challenging than other common game.

The majority of elk in America are found along the Rocky Mountain range and neighboring states. Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming are three states that have plenty of elk for hunting and land to purchase nearby. They have been reintroduced to eastern states as well. States like Kentucky also have hunting season for elk, but they are not as expansive in elk population or areas for hunting as the Rockies.

Getting the Right Permits and Licenses

Before going on your first hunt of the season, it is essential to make sure you are doing it legally. Every state has guidelines that are meant to protect both the hunters and the wildlife, which can change from season to season. You can generally find all of the information and manuals on their respective state parks and wildlife websites.

You will also need to be up to date on any hunter education requirements that the state has. There are a variety of tools you will need for your hunt. Whether you choose to use a bow, hunting rifle, or other gun may affect your education requirements.

Finding the Right Property

A lot of hunting happens on private property. By having your own ranch with a large amount of land in areas populated by elk and other wildlife, you will clearly be able to spend the time needed to find the game, and will not have to worry about trespassing.

If you want to be able to have your own basecamp, as opposed to needing to rent a property in a nearby town, getting a hunting ranch is a great way to go. The acreage and how close it is to hunting grounds is up to you, but having your own ranch to come back to after a day of hunting is a unique and rewarding experience within itself. You will also have your own space that’s easier to get back to when you are successful. Montana, for example, has tens of millions of hunting land for elks. As you go down south following the Rockies, there are plenty of other hunting ranches for sale there as well.


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