The History of Ranching in Wyoming

Due to its amazing natural scenery, ranching in Wyoming has always been a very popular and lucrative market. Over 91% of the land is classed as rural, and agriculture makes up a significant part of the state’s economy.

The History of Ranching in Wyoming

Also, Wyoming is home to some of the best National Parks in the US such as Yellowstone and the Grand Teton. It is no wonder that people have been heading to the “Cowboy State” for generations in search of a better life or for a relaxing break from the demands of city life.

A State Rich in History

 Wyoming has been populated for thousands of years, with evidence of large Native American settlements throughout the state.

As the gold rush began and people headed to the Wild West in search of their fortunes, Wyoming became a major staging post for the military. They were in place to guard the caravans that streamed West. This led to many large battles with the Native Americans. But, amongst all this carnage, some industrious men decided to set up towns and ranches, drawn in by the magnificent landscape.

One of these men became one of Wyoming’s most famous sons.  William Fredrick “Buffalo Bill” Cody was a famous scout and bison hunter. Wyoming was home to huge herd of buffalo that grazed on the grasslands. Buffalo Bill’s skill with a gun earned him his nickname, and in time he became very rich and famous due to his “Wild West” show.

As the legend of Buffalo Bill grew, he reinvested his wealth into the area and was a major player in the establishment of the ranching industry in Wyoming. And, it wasn’t long before others followed suit.

Natural Beauty

 Looking around the state, it is not hard to see what led these people to stop their journeys west and establish settlements in the state.

To the west, the Rocky Mountains rise majestically into the distance, with miles of rangelands leading up them. In the east, are the prairie lands of the Great Plains. In amongst all this are some of the most beautiful and famous national parks in the whole country, Yellowstone and the Great Teton.

Yellowstone alone welcomes about 6 million tourists a year, and as a result, ranchers have been increasingly used as ‘dude ranches,’ attracting people from the city in search of adventure.

A Bountiful Earth

 This natural landscape has led to many ranches being set up, with agriculture playing a significant role in the local economy. The state is famous for its beef, hay, wheat, and wool.

But, it is not just the agriculture that provides a living for the local ranchers. The area is also mineral rich with large deposits of coal, natural gas and oil throughout the state.

Ranching in Wyoming

Whatever your reason for becoming part of the ranching community in Wyoming, you are sure to find that the state has all that you need to start enjoying the life you always wanted. Explore your possibilities in this beautiful and unique state.


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