Big Game Hunting in Montana

Montana is often considered the peak state for outdoor adventuring. You have mountains, woods, and rolling plains teeming with wildlife. If you’re into big game hunting, it’s the state for you. There are plenty of Montana mountain hunting ranches for sale on the real estate market, and even more public lands to set up camp on.

Big Game Hunting in Montana

Before you find your destination, however, you need to figure out what you want to hunt. Montana has no shortage of options. Without leaving the United States, you’re not going to find a better one stop shop for your adventures.

So we’ve come up with a quick guide so you can know when and where to head. We’ve broken it down by the animal, so sit back and start planning your trip.


Elk hunting season lasts for most of the fall. It varies a little bit by location, but generally, backcountry season lasts from September through November. Make sure you pack heavy. Especially once you get into November, Montana is a cold climate.

The best place to hunt is in the southwest corner of the state. If you don’t have access to private land, plan to head to Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. It’s a very mountainous region so hunting can be difficult, but that’s why Elk is so plentiful.

The rough terrain and dense forest provide ample protection. Over half of all Elks killed come from this region.

Black Bear

Black bears are fair game for hunting as well. As for seasons, you have two chances. The first comes in the back half of spring. The second overlap with Elk season, but due to location, these won’t conflict.

For bear hunting, head north to Swan Valley. This is where the concentration is the highest. As far as time of day goes, you don’t have to worry about waking up before dawn. You can get out there in the afternoon and hunt all night.

Mountain Lion

Mountain lion hunting is something unique to Montana. Few other states allow it, and it is a very different experience. Don’t expect to bag a trophy cat on any of the Montana hunting ranches for sale in the area.

For this hunt, you’re going to want a professional hunting guide. The best areas are along the western edge of the state. You and your group will hit the woods well before dawn looking for tracks. If you find some, your guides will release specialized hounds to track and “tree” the mountain lion. Then it’s your job to shoot it down.

This is a special experience for a big game hunter. We can’t stress enough how important it is to sign up with professionals. Permits can take years, and they know the process better than anyone.


Whether you’re looking into one of the beautiful Montana hunting ranches for sale or just a one time trip on public lands, this state is the perfect destination. Beautiful nature and big hunts will keep you coming back for years.


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