Unique Views and Experiences in Northern Utah

During an initial search for Wyoming, Colorado or Utah ranches for sale, one may not know what to expect. To someone who has never been, the states in the western mountainous region of the United States may seem ordinary. But for those who have explored the Rocky Mountains, the many National Parks, and natural landscapes around them, it is clear that there is much more than just a boring chain of mountains.

Unique Views and Experiences in Northern Utah

Northern Utah is one of those areas that may be mountainous but looks quite different from its neighbors in Colorado or Wyoming. Best known for its great salt lake (and the city with its namesake that hosted the 2002 Olympics), there are thousands of acres of available land and ranch property far away from the city centers as well.

The variety of properties in the area allows for a very personalized search as land becomes available for purchase. There is plenty of flat, arid land around Utah that allows for a cattle ranch or dude ranch. On the northwest end of the state, in the counties of Tooele and Box Elder, there are wide open spaces with the arid desert climate for those looking for this type of a ranch style.

But in the northeast, the mountainous regions are better for people interested in recreation activities, hunting, and fishing ā€” or those who wish to live nearer a highly populous city like Salt Lake City.

Wasatch Mountains and National Forest

To the east of Salt Lake City lies the Wasatch Mountains and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The Wasatch Mountains will be favorable for those looking for Utah ranches for sale who are interested in outdoor recreation and hunting. There can be acres of land with legal big-game hunting like bucks, elks, and moose ā€” along with a smaller game like turkeys.

Land acreage in the Wasatch Peak can also feature private areas for skiing and snowboarding, and the neighboring mountain area has even more options. Owners and renters can ski down the same slopes that were used during the Winter Olympics, which happened in the same mountain range.

Ashley National Forest

Further east and to the south of Wyoming is the Ashley National Forest near Vernal, Utah. The Vernal area has plenty of land for sale that can be converted into ranch property. Within Ashley National Forest, there are acres of protected wildlife land for viewing, and fishing is allowed. However, hunting is not. But, for those who prefer photographing and documenting wild animals as opposed to hunting them, this is a great location with plenty of opportunities.

There is an abundance of Utah ranches for sale across the state. Land is widely available across the south and central Utah because it is less populated and can appear more appropriate for those looking to create a ranch rental property. But, the north of the state clearly has much more promise than is sometimes considered. Searching around the national forests in the region and away from Salt Lake City may help you discover a great diamond in the rough.


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