Nebraska Ranches with Hunting Land

In Nebraska, hunting land stretches across the state. The easiest way to access this hunting is finding Nebraska ranches that feature game on private land. Thanks to the sparse population, many luxury ranches feature thousands of acres of the property.

Nebraska Ranches with Hunting Land

Amongst these acres, you will commonly find grazing wild animals, many of which can be hunted, with the right permits. For those looking for a smaller property, hunting and fishing can still be done outside of the ranch, although it is not quite as easy to find open access. Below will be a description of the difference between hunting and fishing on public and private land and what type of animals are available around the state.

What Types of Game Can Be Found

There are huge populations of a wide variety of game—big and small—for hunters. The five main big game species in Nebraska are elk, deer, bighorn sheep, and pronghorns. Pronghorns, which are also called antelope, feature some of the most challenging hunting for a big game species because of their speed. For those interested in a smaller game, jackrabbits and squirrels are two controlled species open for hunting. Grouse, turkeys, pheasants, and doves can be found around the state, with many in the south of the state.

Public Land

Although the private land is where much of the hunting is done in Nebraska, there are still hundreds of thousands of acres for hunting and fishing around the state. These areas are generally maintained by state or federal agencies.

One of the largest in the state is the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, largely maintained by the U.S. Forest Service, which has certain parts dedicated to hunting and maintaining animal populations like deer. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also owns water lands open to the public for waterfowl, birds like doves and pheasants, and more.

The state of Nebraska also controls Wildlife Management Areas where sportsmen are the major source of income to maintain habitats, and there is a variety of small and large birds, fish, and more. Finally, Nebraska works with private landowners to share their private land and make it at least partially public as part of the Open Fields and Waters program.

Benefits for Sharing Land

Trespassing on private land for the purpose of hunting is a serious crime in Nebraska. However, if a landowner does not mind sharing the herds or waterfowl found on their property, they can share access with other avid sportsmen. Nebraska’s Open Fields and Waters program is dedicated to making private land open to the public.

The benefits of this are twofold. First, it creates a partnership between owner and state employees who will help maintain the habitats of animals residing on the private property. Second, any landowner who takes part in this program gets paid for participating.

Nebraska ranchers are not just for raising cows. By owning a ranch in Nebraska land is opened up for many kinds of hunting and unique opportunities for finding animals in the natural habitat they have existed in for centuries.


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