Seasons in Wyoming – How to Get the Most out of a Ranch

Wyoming is an often-underrated destination for those searching the Western United States for a ranch property to reside in. Those who have never visited Wyoming ranches often think of it as a range of mountains and national parks with few people and constant winter. But there is much more to Wyoming’s seasons than just bitter cold, and anyone who wants to slow down and enjoy the simple beauty of nature will surely enjoy the opportunities in Wyoming.

Seasons in Wyoming – How to Get the Most out of a Ranch


The winter season goes on much longer than what is put on the calendar. Thanks to its high elevation, Wyoming is truly a winter wonderland for those who enjoy the snowy weather and recreational activities in the snow.

Skiing is an obvious winter activity, but hunting season also does not close for the winter months in the state. There are many varieties of the big and small game that can be hunted in the winter, and many present quite a challenge because of the added elements and extra camouflage. The popular game includes elk, moose, bison, hares, and pheasants. Some Wyoming ranchers have game naturally right on the property for hunting.

Always take the proper precautions necessary when enjoying Wyoming ranches during winter weather. Even at lower elevations, roads can be covered in snow for long periods of time, which makes them difficult to pass. Be sure to always have a stock of food and other necessities when living at the ranch during the snow season. The snow and the backdrop of the mountains will create picturesque scenery, but it should also be enjoyed with caution.

Spring and Summer

There remains a real potential for freezing for almost all of the spring season, and the highest altitudes, unsurprisingly, have next to no truly warm days at all. But for those in the valleys and further east—which is where many ranch properties and most of the cities are located—Wyoming offers a few months’ reprieve from the freezing cold.

The result of plenty of precipitation during the colder months and the very short opportunity for growing creates a burst of colors. Combined with the near-constant sunny days in most of the state, Wyoming becomes a wonderful place for exploring the outdoors and for photography, especially. With a good camera, the pictures captured from right outside of Wyoming ranches will look like they belong in a frame almost daily.


Just as the spring foliage quickly grows, it also quickly disappears in many areas during the fall. There is another period of beautiful nature scenes as the leaves of the trees turn colors. This is a great time to get away from the ranch and explore the many natural sites and national parks around Wyoming, like Yellowstone.

As a state filled with mountains, and almost all at high elevations, Wyoming ranches are the dream escape for those who enjoy the snow. The winter weather months extend longer than almost anywhere else in the United States. There is plenty to do for sportsmen, and it is also the perfect place to relax and escape. When the snow subsides, there is the added bonus of a few months of beautiful blooming of flowers, plants and even more opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventure.


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