Western Montana – Ranches Near Glacier

Western Montana ranches offer an opportunity to live right next to the incredible Glacier National Park and take advantage of all that it offers year around. There is not an abundance of private land available, however. Between Glacier, Kootenai, Lolo, and Flathead National Forests, and the Flathead and Blackfeet Indian Reservations, the majority of the land is protected. Nevertheless, making this area a priority for searching for available land for a luxury ranch will be more than worth it.

Western Montana – Ranches Near Glacier

History of Glacier

Glacier National Park has been an attractive location to visit for over one hundred years thanks to the Great Northern Railway. This private railroad made it possible for tourists and settlers to come from the east and west coasts, and entrepreneurs quickly saw it as a prime area for tourism.

Thankfully, it was deemed a national park very soon after the territory was ceded to the federal government, and therefore, it has been well protected and maintained. The biodiversity in Glacier is unique and very impressive, and it is possible to find a Montana ranch immersed in this environment.

Scenic Views to Last a Lifetime

One could spend months adventuring around Glacier National Park and still not see everything there is to see. And this is only one part of the area. Between this park and the national forests, any amateur photog, hiker, or birdwatcher will get years’ worth of space to explore in the area. Western Montana ranches make a great home base for this exploration.

Nearby Cities

If there is ever a need to get to a city, there are many smaller towns and other populated areas around, while still getting the privacy of a luxury ranch. Whitefish, Missoula, and Glacier itself are a few areas with plenty of city walks, cafes, and more.

Hunting in Western Montana

Many avid hunters choose to look further east than Billings for their ranch. Eastern Montana is very sparse in population and does not attract many tourists, which can lead to a more tranquil, “off the beaten path” feel. It also allows for larger tracts of land to be purchased. This means that you may be more likely to be able to find a property with the big game right on it. The elimination of the need to travel to an area that is further away, or worrying about trespassing, is a nice plus.

However, for those interested in hunting along with the perks of the Glacier area, there is no need to choose between one or the other. Western Montana’s high diversity of animals includes many that are able to be hunted, and hunting is supported to maintain the healthy diversity of the area. There are many areas surrounding Glacier that offer permits for a variety of game during all seasons.

Because there is not as much space available in this area as in other parts of the state, getting the land or ranches available as soon as they open up should be a priority. Glacier and the surrounding National Forests and lakes are great locations for enjoying the outdoors.


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