The Beating Heart of America: Introducing Two Kansas Ranches for Sale

The Sunflower State is right in the middle of the United States and has played a pivotal role in the nation’s wheat production for generations. Home to every kind of prairie landforms seen in the United States, it should come as no surprise that the state is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, which create an ecosystem conducive to the growing of crops and the raising of livestock. In fact, in addition to being the leading producer of wheat in the United States, Kansas is second only to Texas in heads of cattle.

Kansas has a lot to offer, with stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and vast opportunities for investment, so it is no wonder that people see Kansas ranches for sale as an exciting proposition.

Agriculture Is King

Agriculture is the primary driver of the local economy, with over 85 percent of the state’s land set aside for some agricultural venture. As mentioned above, wheat and cattle are the main areas of production in the state, but corn, soybeans, and hogs are also high in demand. Therefore, ranches in Kansas are particularly attractive for investors looking to get involved with a working ranch.

Work Hard and Play Hard

As a state which relies so heavily on agricultural production, it is no surprise that there are many initiatives in place to ensure that the ecosystem is nurtured. This means that the area is dotted with lakes and ponds full of fish, which in turn keeps the land healthy, thus attracting big game.

The Beating Heart of America: Introducing Two Kansas Ranches for Sale

An example of these unique opportunities is the Red Sky Ranch in Lebanon. The property enjoys a fantastic location, dotted with lakes and ponds, which is perfect to enjoy after a busy day working on this ranch. And there are likely to be many busy days, as this property has a very productive crop and cattle operation.

When not working the land, there are many opportunities for fishing and hunting on site or at nearby national parks. Red Sky Ranch has many lakes and ponds to enjoy downtime at or on, as well as sizeable numbers of turkeys moving through the property.

Hit the Ground Running

Another attractive proposition is the H-Z Ranch in Lawrence, which offers all the benefits previously mentioned but with some bonuses. This particular property gives would-be investors a chance to move in and begin working on day one. Its location is outstanding, situated next to Clinton Lake State Park, and the existing operations offer a sustainable source of income. This is likely to be a big enough draw for many people, but there is unlimited investment potential, as the property carries its own mineral rights, and there is additional land available to purchase.

Currently, there is a cattle operation on site with excellent facilities for horses as well. But income generation is just one element which makes this site worth looking at. The views across Clinton Lake from the property are stunning, as are the recreational opportunities available on and around the lake.

Fishing and hunting are great ways to let off some steam, and this area offers many chances to do just that. Whitetail deer and turkeys come through the property in large numbers, and the property carries two landowner deer tags, with the on-site habitat ideal for holding even higher numbers. Regarding fishing, Clinton Lake holds large stocks of trout, catfish, bass, and crappie.


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