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Big Game Hunting in Montana

Montana is often considered the peak state for outdoor adventuring. You have mountains, woods, and rolling plains teeming with wildlife. If you’re into big game hunting, it’s the state for you. There are plenty of Montana mountain hunting ranches for sale on the real estate market, and even more public lands to set up camp on.

Big Game Hunting in Montana

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Finding the Right Area for Your Investment Property in Colorado

Colorado is a growing state, and for anyone interested in investment property in Colorado (or if you just want to own a new property for yourself), it is a perfect location to look for everything from a condominium to hunting ranches. In Colorado, there are a great variety for you to choose from.

Finding the Right Area for Your Investment Property in Colorado

While it is perhaps best known for Denver and the Rocky Mountains, there are many more locations that offer varying views and climates that may interest you when considering investment properties. Read the rest of this entry

The Investment Potential of Ranches

As with any type of land, ranches are a great investment for anyone who can afford the substantial price tags that are attached to them. However, unlike other types of property, a ranch holds far greater potential than just its appreciating value. The true value of a ranch comes in its ability to pay for itself in earnings from the income-generating activities it can host.

With its expansive size, the amazing scenery it holds, and its ability to sustain life, a ranch presents an almost unlimited variety of opportunities available to its owner. Read the rest of this entry

Natural Beauty Makes CO Perfect for Dude Ranches

It is fairly common for people to purchase ranch land in an attempt to join the US beef industry. Judging from the strong performance of the US beef industry in recent times, who can blame them? However, people looking to purchase ranches in Colorado often have an option that other ranches cannot offer.

The state of Colorado has been blessed with abundant natural beauty in the form of the Rocky Mountains as well as multiple lakes and rivers. This natural beauty is often the reason why people who purchase ranches in Colorado convert their properties into dude ranches. Read the rest of this entry

Remove These Plants from Your Ranch ASAP

As consumers become wary of eating genetically modified food, many beef cattle operations are starting to shift toward more organic cattle raising and production methods. For instance, quite a lot of ranches now allow cattle to feed off the land. However, ranchers should be careful when allowing their cattle to wander off and graze.

After all, certain plants that grow in the wild can poison cattle. With that in mind, ranchers should be vigilant in removing these plants from their ranches. Likewise, people looking to buy ranches should also inspect the land for the following plants beforehand: Read the rest of this entry

Ensuring a Profitable Cattle Ranch

While buying a ranch entails a huge investment, it can also offer a big payoff if you’re looking at cattle ranching. Of course, like all businesses, cattle ranching has no guarantee of success as the owner must work hard to generate profits. To help your ranch rake in more money, you can follow these tips: Read the rest of this entry

Things to Consider When Buying a Ranch

Few investments are as big as buying a ranch, but even fewer are as rewarding. As long as meat and milk remain culinary staples, engaging in livestock production can be a lucrative business. What’s more, living close to nature can rejuvenate even the weariest soul. Before buying a ranch, though, be sure to keep the following considerations in mind: Read the rest of this entry

Cowboy Conundrum: Running a Ranch Wisely

One of the most enduring icons of America’s rich and storied past is the cowboy—not the heavily romanticized gunslingers of the silver screen, but the noble ranchers and pioneers of the untamed plains. The cowboys of old typically raised ranches at the fringes of civilization, ever seeking fertile land and cattle to herd from the wilds. So popular is the image of the cowboy that the culture still endures. Read the rest of this entry

Take a Share of Beef Industry Profits, Buy a Ranch

According to reports, the US beef industry has been skyrocketing as of late. US beef exports have seen a massive increase as countries like Japan, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Hong Kong continue to demand more beef. This demand helped the US beef industry reach a record-high 5.5 billion dollars in exports in 2012. Read the rest of this entry

Turning Ranch Land into a Horse Breeding Ranch

When people purchase ranch land, most of them dream of starting a profitable cattle ranch. With the way the US beef industry has been performing as of late, it is easy to understand why people want to do so.

However, establishing a horse breeding ranch is another lucrative option for people looking to start a business on their new property. There are many practical uses for horses, whether in agriculture or sports, or simply as a pet—meaning there will always be a demand for these animals. If you are interested in starting a horse breeding ranch, here are a few breeds you might want to consider raising: Read the rest of this entry