Crops for Your Nebraska Hobby Farm

Whether it’s your new full-time profession or a part time passion, farming can be a fulfilling venture. There’s nothing more reward than watching your hard work pay off with a good harvest. If you’re looking to till the earth, there’s no better place than a prime piece of Nebraska ranch real estate.

Crops for Your Nebraska Hobby Farm

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The History of Ranching in Wyoming

Due to its amazing natural scenery, ranching in Wyoming has always been a very popular and lucrative market. Over 91% of the land is classed as rural, and agriculture makes up a significant part of the state’s economy.

The History of Ranching in Wyoming

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American Ranch Properties for Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is a popular big game sport in some parts of America. If you are interested in starting to hunt or moving on to bigger game, elk is a great choice. Whether you are an amateur or expert hunter, having a well-located ranch will help ensure that you get the most out of the hunting season. There are plenty of hunting ranches for sale in the American West where you will be able to hunt elk, along with other wildlife, and go hiking and fishing as well.

American Ranch Properties for Elk Hunting

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Finding the Right Area for Your Investment Property in Colorado

Colorado is a growing state, and for anyone interested in investment property in Colorado (or if you just want to own a new property for yourself), it is a perfect location to look for everything from a condominium to hunting ranches. In Colorado, there are a great variety for you to choose from.

Finding the Right Area for Your Investment Property in Colorado

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Getting into Nebraska’s Cattle Ranch Industry

Did you know that Nebraska has the second biggest share of cattle in the United States? When you consider that Nebraska is within the Great Plains and is largely flat prairie land, it makes sense that the climate and geography is conducive to cattle ranching. With so much open and undeveloped land still in the state, there is plenty of room for you to procure your own ranch as well.

Getting into Nebraska’s Cattle Ranch Industry

While it may seem like there are so many cattle ranches out there, you can become part of the industry as well, and be quite profitable. Cattle are always in high demand for the food industry. If you are looking to extend your investment property portfolio, or find a new source of income in the real estate market, there is plenty of ranch land for sale in Nebraska. Read the rest of this entry

How to Spot the Ideal Piece of Land to Build Your New Ranch in Wyoming

Are you ready to get out of the city and spend your time in great open spaces? Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than good ol’ Wyoming, where ranch real estate is the perfect investment for both your time and your money.

How to Spot the Ideal Piece of Land to Build Your New Ranch in Wyoming

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3 Reasons to Buy a Ranch for Hunting in Colorado

Colorado has become a hot spot in recent years for hunting and fishing thanks to its great environmental standards and stunning beauty. Most of the state’s major cities are concentrated in one corridor centered on Denver. Because of this, there is plenty of unspoiled land filled with plants and wildlife.It is ideal to take advantage of the available land by searching for hunting ranches in Colorado with plenty of undeveloped land that is sure to provide a host of wild animals. Let’s get down to the specifics of why Colorado is perfect for owning a ranch for hunting.

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Planning Your Next Vacation? Get a Taste of Cattle Ranches in Utah

You can’t separate cowboy culture from Utah culture, the two are practically synonymous. Before the arrival of pioneers and industrial development, vaqueros (i.e. cowboys) cared for their livestock and roamed the open lands. Cattle ranches in Utah span the four corners of the state, from the southwest to the eastern border and in the hundreds of miles in between.

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5 Reasons to Choose Ranching on New Mexico Land

Whenever you think of New Mexico, picturesque desert scenes probably come to mind. The last thing you probably think about is a landscape filled with grass that is perfect for cattle ranching. However, despite this common image, New Mexico land is actually surprisingly perfect for ranching and working off the land.

5 Reasons to Choose Ranching on New Mexico Land.jpg

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5 Reasons to Choose Montana

Montana gets its name from rom the Spanish word for mountain, montaña. The state really lives up to this name thanks to the fact that most of its landscape is dominated by the formidable and jagged Rocky Mountains. Montana ranch real estate takes advantage of the state’s unique landscape by allowing you to own a ranch that will always have a view.

5 Reasons to ChooseMontana.jpg

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