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Legacy Colorado Ranch for Sale: Fishing a Hit Dude Ranch Attraction

Dude ranches (a.k.a. guest ranches) are a popular get-away option for families, especially those who are trying to “unplug” for a few days. As such, owning a Colorado ranch for sale in a great location with the intent of opening a dude ranch is a lucrative investment.

When considering prospective dude ranches, you might want to choose one that has a stream or a river on the property. After all, fishing is one of the most popular attractions dude ranches offer.


Good Management Keeps any Oregon Ranch for Sale Fertile and Productive

Indeed, the profit potential of orchards, fruit farms, and the like motivate people to seek fertile ranches for sale in Oregon. While many of these properties are marketed as cattle farms, private fishing spots, or hunting grounds, some may also prove ideal for growing crops. However they choose to run their properties, though, would-be ranch owners would do well to work closely with a ranch management and brokerage firm like Mirr Ranch Group for a variety of reasons.

Remove These Plants from Your Ranch ASAP

As consumers become wary of eating genetically modified food, many beef cattle operations are starting to shift toward more organic cattle raising and production methods. For instance, quite a lot of ranches now allow cattle to feed off the land. However, ranchers should be careful when allowing their cattle to wander off and graze.

After all, certain plants that grow in the wild can poison cattle. With that in mind, ranchers should be vigilant in removing these plants from their ranches. Likewise, people looking to buy ranches should also inspect the land for the following plants beforehand: Read the rest of this entry

Cowboy Conundrum: Running a Ranch Wisely

One of the most enduring icons of America’s rich and storied past is the cowboy—not the heavily romanticized gunslingers of the silver screen, but the noble ranchers and pioneers of the untamed plains. The cowboys of old typically raised ranches at the fringes of civilization, ever seeking fertile land and cattle to herd from the wilds. So popular is the image of the cowboy that the culture still endures. Read the rest of this entry

Take a Share of Beef Industry Profits, Buy a Ranch

According to reports, the US beef industry has been skyrocketing as of late. US beef exports have seen a massive increase as countries like Japan, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Hong Kong continue to demand more beef. This demand helped the US beef industry reach a record-high 5.5 billion dollars in exports in 2012. Read the rest of this entry

Ranch Land Buying Considerations

Oregon is becoming one of the fastest growing areas in terms of agricultural real estate, and its beautiful lakes and rivers, diverse wildlife, and rolling hills are its main attractions. Plenty of large properties are available for sale, and among them you’ll find farm lands, luxury properties, ranches, and even hunting lands. If you’re looking for quality acreage in the state, here are a few things to keep in mind: Read the rest of this entry

Choosing a Landscape Designer for Your Ranch

After looking at a ranch for sale, you may already have some ideas brewing in your head on what to do with that expansive backyard. A good design plan can work wonders for a large ranch. Even if the overall landscape seems challenging, the key is to get the site plan right, placing emphasis on a layout that strikes the perfect balance between garden plantings, paved surfaces, and the lawn. Read the rest of this entry

Two Tips on Starting a Horse Breeding Ranch

Starting a horse breeding ranch is one of the options available to people who are looking to buy a ranch for sale in Wyoming. Developing this venture can be a difficult task. However, the usefulness of horses assures that there will never be a shortage in the demand for these animals, making horse breeding a highly profitable business.

If you are interested in starting a horse breeding ranch, here are two important tips to remember: Read the rest of this entry

3 Tips on Feeding Cattle

One of the secrets to raising quality livestock is to ensure that you are feeding your animals appropriately. It’s not as simple as you would think; and it’s definitely not as easy as just giving your cattle hay and grain. If you want good livestock that you can sell for a hefty profit, you have to abide by a few things. Read the rest of this entry

How to Get Good at Ranch Work

Ranching is one of America’s best-loved traditions. Working at a ranch is sure to conjure up images of the Wild West, grazing cattle, pastures, and cowboys. Despite these pleasurable images, make no mistake: ranch work involves many duties, is physically demanding, and requires long hours. If you think you’re up to the task, then here are some suggestions on how to get good at ranch work: Read the rest of this entry