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Cattle Ranches for Sale in Oregon: Key Factors You Should Consider

“It would be a good idea, then, for ranchers to build their farms away from areas in Oregon where wolves are known to lurk. However, the insights from the EOARC research can be taken a step further. For instance, people in search of cattle ranches for sale in Oregon should pay close attention to the property’s geographic features, especially its size, water sources, and, most importantly, the type of local wildlife it caters to.

Thankfully, a reputable ranch marketing company like Mirr Ranch Group that provides ranch marketing and buyer services can be counted upon to provide buyers everything they need to know about prospective properties; including investment opportunities and sporting features. Dairy farmers can use this information to find a ranch that is safe and peaceful for their livestock.”


Getting Cattle Farming Basics Right the First Time Around

Cattle farming may seem like a daunting task, especially for people who may have purchased a ranch on a whim. Such ranch owners may find themselves wondering whether they have the capacity to carry out the daunting task of livestock raising if they do not have the benefit of first-hand experience. Read the rest of this entry

About 400 Pounds of Meat from a 1,000-Pound Cow

How much beef can you get from cattle? Surely not all parts of the cattle are consumed, as that would mean selling the cattle’s internal organs as well. From a 1,000-lb steer, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry estimates that at least 61 percent of it will make it “on the rail.” However, only 43 percent of the steer make it into the market as different cuts like t-bone, sirloin, brisket, and shank. Why can’t the meat market use every pound of the cow? Read the rest of this entry