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Buying Ranches for Sale in Colorado? Know Wildlife Management First

The privacy and independence you enjoy when running or living in a ranch may be interrupted by the natural inhabitants within your property. However, instead of seeing them as a nuisance, you could unlock the potential of preserving them. Burt Rutherford of BEEF magazine shares that same line of thought:
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Managing Ranches for Sale in Colorado: How to Decide on Herd Expansion

As a rancher or an aspiring rancher, you have many considerations in managing your property, but generally, you must keep in mind this one thing: bigger is NOT always better. Take, for instance, the issue of herd expansion. The goals to grow your cow production and contribute immensely to the high demands of the beef industry may be great, but will it be beneficial to your cash flow? In these cases, you need to study expansion plans before carrying them out.
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Ranches for Sale: Navigating the Complex World of Farm Income Taxes

Farmers, like any other business owner, make money. So like any business owner, they are required to pay income taxes. Understanding the basic concepts behind federal income tax laws is crucial for farmers because the amount of taxes he can owe often affects the benefits he receives from his property.
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Ranches for Sale in Utah: Conservation Easements and Their Benefits

A Cache Valley man and his family have entered into a conservation easement with the state to protect more than 5,000 acres of ranch land in the mouth of the Blacksmith Fork Canyon near Hyrum.

Landowner Jon White and his family have voluntarily entered into a perpetual conservation easement with the Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands. The arrangement ensures public access for fishing along the Blacksmith Fork River, while preserving the land indefinitely as a working ranch.

According to the division’s website conservation easements give priority to lands which are threatened by future conversion to non-forest uses, protect and enhance water quality and water supplies, and assist in maintaining the cultural and economic vitality of rural communities.
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What Factors Must You Consider in Hunting Ranches for Sale in Oregon?

Game hunters in Oregon better listen up, as wildlife writer Bill Monroe has the lowdown for this year’s hunting season. In a special to The Oregonian, he says that deer, elk, and bear populations are quite high this time around, but not as high as duck and geese populations whose numbers and flight patterns are generally more favorable than last year’s, giving extra incentive for waterfowl hunters in the state. The information below is what deer hunters can expect this season:
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Post Drought Management is Important for Wyoming Ranches for Sale

With severe droughts and relatively weak precipitation, the past few years weren’t particularly good for farmers and ranchers in Wyoming. However, things seem to be turning around for the Cowboy State this year, as the weather has been quite favorable so far; thus allowing the $1.7 billion agricultural sector to recover the losses in livestock, fish, and crops it incurred from 2000 to 2013. The Wall Street Journal has more:
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Ranches for Sale: A Laidback Kind of Luxury that Celebrities Love

If you happen to come across Ralph Lauren’s sprawling ranch in Colorado, you might have a taste of sheer tranquility. Architectural Digest correspondent Paul Theroux and photographers Bruce Weber and Gilles de Chabaneix give you a preview of the relaxed, rustic, and expansive property of the world-renowned fashion designer and multibillion-dollar business executive.
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