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Buying a Ranch Must Be Taken Seriously

If you’re interested in living the rural life and raising cattle to earn a living, you must know that buying a ranch is not the same as buying a house. You’ll be supporting not only yourself and your family, but also the animals and livestock that will be under your care. As such there are various things you must do first before you even consider sealing the deal. Read the rest of this entry


All About the Benefits of Owning A Ranch

Why do people buy ranches? Many people buy them for profit. Certainly, someone with the right knowledge and technical know-how can make money from the livestock or fishery a ranch produces. Proper ranch management is said to the key to a profitable ranch operation. Furthermore, ranches are subject to attractive tax incentives. As a ranch owner, you can donate your property into a conservation easement, and promise to not develop it. Doing this can give you significant tax deductions. Read the rest of this entry

What Killed the Open Range?

The term “open range” refers to cattle and livestock roaming free across tracts of land regardless of who owns them. You can see this in many cowboy movies, where a traveling convoy lets their cattle and livestock feed on whatever grass they see. Before the mid-1800s, open range was the ranching method of choice for most ranchers. However, today’s ranches are limited by legal fences because of the serious repercussions of open ranges, namely overgrazing. Read the rest of this entry