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Remove These Plants from Your Ranch ASAP

As consumers become wary of eating genetically modified food, many beef cattle operations are starting to shift toward more organic cattle raising and production methods. For instance, quite a lot of ranches now allow cattle to feed off the land. However, ranchers should be careful when allowing their cattle to wander off and graze.

After all, certain plants that grow in the wild can poison cattle. With that in mind, ranchers should be vigilant in removing these plants from their ranches. Likewise, people looking to buy ranches should also inspect the land for the following plants beforehand: Read the rest of this entry


Becoming a Rancher: It’s All about Love

A rancher is a person who manages a large, open property that produces livestock for meat, milk, or fiber. A rancher who grows cattle will have to check all the cattle several times a week throughout the year. As you can see, the job isn’t that cut and dry.

Winter is when cows typically calve, so you’ll have to check them daily. You also have to put hay out regularly. In the spring and summer, herd-health measures, pasture maintenance, and hay cutting are just some of the chores you’ll need to do. Read the rest of this entry

3 Tips on Feeding Cattle

One of the secrets to raising quality livestock is to ensure that you are feeding your animals appropriately. It’s not as simple as you would think; and it’s definitely not as easy as just giving your cattle hay and grain. If you want good livestock that you can sell for a hefty profit, you have to abide by a few things. Read the rest of this entry

Tips for the Newbie Rancher

There’s a stark difference between owning a ranch and running one, which is not unlike owning a car and actually knowing how to drive and maintain it. For those who are new to the ranching business and considering purchasing ranch land in Colorado, here are a few tips. Read the rest of this entry

How to Get Good at Ranch Work

Ranching is one of America’s best-loved traditions. Working at a ranch is sure to conjure up images of the Wild West, grazing cattle, pastures, and cowboys. Despite these pleasurable images, make no mistake: ranch work involves many duties, is physically demanding, and requires long hours. If you think you’re up to the task, then here are some suggestions on how to get good at ranch work: Read the rest of this entry

Tips for Starting a Cattle Ranch

Cattle ranches typically raise livestock for beef production. Some ranches though, focus on cow calf enterprises. Usually, cattle ranches sell calves when they are 6 months old and weigh around 500 pounds. Some ranches are stocker or feeder enterprises which purchase calves and grow them until they reach 700 to 900 pounds. A market beef operation, meanwhile, feeds and grows a stocker or feeder cattle to a market weight of around 1,200 pounds. Read the rest of this entry

Tips on Breeding Cattle for Beginner Ranchers

It is no secret that purchasing ranch property is a great investment, especially with the way the US beef industry has been performing recently. In order to keep a cattle ranch profitable, sustainable cattle development through proper breeding techniques is important. As such, here are a few breeding tips for Oregon ranchers who would be taking their first few steps towards a profitable business. Read the rest of this entry

US Beef Industry Keeps Growing

When it comes to beef, only a few other types can compete with the appeal of top quality beef produced in the United States. In support of that claim, the US beef industry exported $5.51 billion on 1.13 million metric tons of beef to other countries, with Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea as the top US beef export markets. While these are already staggering amounts, analysts have claimed that the 2012 figures exceed 2011’s annuals by 2%; and 2013 is projected to see an increase as well. Read the rest of this entry

Points To Consider Before Buying A Ranch

The prospect of starting a new life in a ranch can be pretty overwhelming, especially among those who have grown weary of the fast-paced life in concrete jungles and the monotonous suburbs. However, aspiring ranchers should look before they leap to avoid falling out of love with their new property. They would do well to consider some factors that will impact their future in a ranch: Read the rest of this entry

Hold Your Horses: Take Note of These before Buying a Ranch

The title “ranch owner” has a certain ring to it that people accustomed to rural living find hard to resist. However, owning a property for farming or animal-raising purposes is not as simple as the lifestyle a ranch provides. There are a number of things one has to consider before purchasing land. Read the rest of this entry