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5 Must-See Cities in Colorado

Colorado is great because it’s become a clash of cultures between the Old West style of living and more modern trends that have been taking over in the past ten years. While a lot of the time these two cultures tend to conflict with one another, Colorado has somehow found a way to let them mingle into the distinct Colorado lifestyle. When looking to buy Colorado ranches, you have to take this new lifestyle into account and make it your own.

Fort Collins at Night

Ranching is a huge industry in Colorado. Because the state’s biggest cities are spread out, however, there is plenty of land in between,which makes it easy to find a ranch that is located in a convenient location. Here are the top five cities in Colorado that you must visit when you move there. Read the rest of this entry


How to Live Like a Utahan

Salt Lake City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Rocky Mountain States, but once you leave that narrow strip of Utah towns anchored by the large city, you will come across an entirely different environment. You’ll be in the beautiful landscape that is drawing more and more people to buy Utah ranches.

How to Live Like a Utahan.jpg

Utah is unique for its culture and people, most of whom belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church values hard work and making a living off of the land that has been provided. This view on life has led to one of the largest ranching industries in the United States. Read the rest of this entry

The History of New Mexico Ranching

The state of New Mexico is very well known for its ranching industry. Like neighboring Texas, New Mexico has been host to many cattle drives of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Today, this history is alive and well, and people looking to buy New Mexico ranches will find themselves immediately immersed in the great New Mexico ranching culture.

The History of New Mexico Ranching.jpg Read the rest of this entry

The Appeal of Big Sky Country

Montana, or Big Sky Country as it is affectionately called, is one of the largest states in the Union as well as one of the most sparsely populated. These two qualities have left almost all of Montana’s natural landscape untouched by human civilization, giving it a beauty that is unmatched by other states. When you are looking to buy Montana ranches for sale, you can be sure to find land that is surrounded by this captivating beauty.

The Appeal of Big Sky Country.jpg

Aside from the natural beauty, Montana has plenty to see and experience that is available nowhere else. These features can be witnessed throughout the state, from cities like Billings to the mountains of the Rockies. The following are some reasons that create such appeal to move to Montana. Read the rest of this entry

How to Prepare for Wyoming Living

When you are looking to buy Wyoming ranches, be prepared to immerse yourself in a whole new lifestyle that is different from any other. Wyoming is a huge state that is sparsely populated, meaning there is a lot of land to go around. Combine the abundance of land with breathtaking landscapes, and you have the perfect place for ranching.

How to Prepare for Wyoming Living.jpg

Ranching in itself is an isolated business where you have to be away from civilization. You probably won’t head into town for days, and you will really get to enjoy the natural beauty that Wyoming has to offer. Here are a few ways you should prepare yourself to get into this new lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry

5 Key Points about Living in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska, also known as the Corn husker State, is a state that is wildly proud of its rural identity and culture. This influence has played a major role in how the state has developed since its growth from the homesteader days and as a stopping point for the Transcontinental Railroad. Today, Nebraska is well known for this culture.

5 Key Points about Living in Nebraska.jpg

When considering whether to buy Nebraska ranches, you must take the state’s cultural identity into account. That being said, there are a few key points of living in Nebraska that you should probably be familiar with before moving there. The following are some of the five major things to know when living in Nebraska. Read the rest of this entry