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Tips to Preserve Cow and Cattle Health in Ranches for Sale in Colorado

Colorado’s agriculture industry is highly diverse. As seen in the last USDA Census of Agriculture (2012), the combined livestock and crops sectors in the state have sold nearly 7.8 billion dollars’ worth of commodities. The sales of sheep, goats, and products from them like wool and milk, and the production of sunflower seeds, potatoes, cabbage, peaches, and apples have all contributed immensely to the trend.
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Buying Ranches for Sale in Colorado? Know How to Manage Ag Supplies

Like any investment, ranch real estate ventures entail comprehensive planning, so you can truly make the property a profitable one. If you’re thinking of buying ranches for sale in Colorado, for instance, you need to have a strategy on how you’ll operate the property and maintain it. Detailing how you will manage your basic agricultural supplies, such as energy and water, should be part of that strategy.
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Selecting Ranches for Sale and Managing the Land to Improve Its Value

The key to ranch profitability is efficient management, which, as simple as it may sound, involves multiple concepts and strategies that the rancher must know and practice. It’s a multifaceted matter, but having the right mindset or thought processes should be the first and foremost priority. To be a better ranch manager and to make your property lucrative, you have to think about generating profit over other priorities.
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Ranches For Sale in Utah: Is It Better to Buy or Grow Your Own Hay?

Hay is the traditional feedstuff of choice for many types of livestock, including cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. Knowing this, a rancher’s inclination would be to grow hay himself. Naturally, that’s going to be more inexpensive, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as one might think. In fact, many ranchers have been shocked once they learned how much it’s really costing them to put up hay.
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Oregon Ranches for Sale: Value of a Good Business Plan before Purchase

Portland-based land conservancy group Western Rivers Conservancy recently bought a large ranch along the John Day River with plans to sell it to the Bureau of Land Management—a transaction which could open up public access to a remote yet scenic part of the Oregon state. It’s the group’s second large-ranch purchase, after it bought Murtha Ranch at Cottonwood Canyon in 2008.
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