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Ranches for Sale in Colorado: Discover the Supreme Thrill of the Hunt

Encompassing the greater part of the Rocky Mountains to its south, the western area of the Great Plains, and the edges of northeastern Colorado Plateau, the centennial state of Colorado is the ultimate place to be to observe, explore, and enjoy the best of Nature. Read the rest of this entry


Colorado Ranches For Sale: Best Two Million Dollars You’ll Ever Spend

The state of Colorado is one of the most fascinating places in the world. The landscape is simply captivating with an abundance of canyons, rocky mountains, plains and water bodies. The view is so surreal, it’s like a rare glimpse into the paradise that only Mother Nature herself can sculpt. Read the rest of this entry

Ranch Land for Sale: An Investment Beyond Financial Considerations

Driving on almost any highway in the West Coast, you’re likely to see a lot of ranches along the way. With the miles and miles of countryside stretching as far as your eye can see, you’re probably bound to wonder at some point just how it would feel like to own one of these properties. With the large expanse of land at your disposal, along with the distinct features of each property, the thought of owning a ranch can be very appealing. Read the rest of this entry

Conservation Benefits of Trophy Hunting at Ranches for Sale in Utah

The hunting community has recently come under fire with the death of Cecil, the beloved black-maned Zimbabwe lion at Hwange National Park. Once people on social media got wind of the story, many felt concerned for other creatures in the wild that could suffer the same fate. When done legally, hunting as a sport is not meant to endanger the fragile ecosystem in the wild. What could help prevent such disaster from happening again? Owners of private ranches and big game hunters think that the answer is trophy hunting. Hunting ranches for sale in Utah offer plenty of opportunities for trophy hunting, which, in itself, has many conservation benefits. Read the rest of this entry

Field Judging Bighorn Sheep at Mountain Ranches for Sale in Oregon

Every wild sheep hunter’s dream is to bag a nice pair of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep’s massive, curling horns. Those big boys are the symbols of a ram’s status, and are used to defend themselves in battles against other males for dominance or mating rights. A Rocky Mountain bighorn ram’s magnificent horns can grow as long as 30 inches, with a circumference of up to 15 inches and weight of up to 30 lbs. Montana might a big player in sheep hunting but public lands and mountain ranches for sale in Oregon have some of the healthiest herds of bighorns due to their constantly increasing numbers. Read the rest of this entry

Big Game Animals at Wyoming Ranches for Sale Make the Best Trophies

As far as trophy and big game hunting go, Wyoming is a hunter’s paradise. With vast lush green lands and varieties of wildlife, it is an ideal place to find a nice pair of antlers, horns, or hide to add to your collection. Trophy hunting is a noble sport. A trophy hunter will usually seek out a certain type of animal, preserve a part of it as a trophy, and fully utilize its meat so that none of it goes to waste. Read the rest of this entry