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Why Investors Choose to Buy Nebraska Ranches

Nebraska has a rich history when it comes to agriculture, and today its beef and corn are still famous around the country. Nebraskans have always prided themselves on their innovations and have been lucky to be graced with an abundance of natural resources, which helped this along nicely.

Why Investors Choose to Buy Nebraska Ranches

The diverse topography and weather systems also attract a wide array of big game and birds, which also makes an attractive place to set up a ranch. Throughout the state, ranches with multiple uses can be found, and many owners run successful farming operations alongside other business operations such as sports retreats. These are just a few reasons why investors look to buy Nebraska ranches.


Beef is a major driver of the local economy with massive production across the state. In fact, Nebraska’s output is second only to that of Texas, which is a significant achievement when you take into account the disparity in the size of the two states.

Nebraska is graced with a wealth of natural resources which enable ranch owners to manage high-quality pasture lands. This leads to happier and healthier cows. If you are looking to invest in a Nebraskan ranch, cattle ranches offer a substantial return on investment. However, the type of site you choose will depend on your level of experience in ranching. For newer ranchers, you will want to have a well-established infrastructure in place alongside well-irrigated pasture lands.

Demand for beef is likely to increase in the coming years, which makes growing other crops a worthwhile operation.

Corn and Other Crops

Nebraska is nicknamed the ‘Cornhusker State’ because corn has always been such an integral part of life here. Corn is the largest crop produced in the USA and has a wide variety of uses, with many producers making it for the cattle industry. In addition to corn, substantial levels of soybeans, wheat, and hay are grown, so there are numerous profitable crops to consider growing on the land.

With growing populations across the US and the rest of the world, demand for food is at an all-time high, so investing in different crops has the potential to bring in substantial returns.

Sporting and Diversification Opportunities

It is not just farming which attracts investors to ranches in Nebraska, but the world-class hunting and fishing opportunities. For a rancher looking to diversify their operations, the options are endless. By adding lodging, it is possible to attract private and corporate sportsmen for hunting retreats.

Nebraska plays host to a wide variety of big game such as big horn sheep, elk, mule deer, pronghorns, and white tail deer, making it a desirable location for the experienced hunter.

There are numerous bodies of water across the state which are located on some of the ranches or are easily accessible. Trophy fishing is big business and offers potential income generating options, alongside the big game hunting.

Whatever your reasons for looking at investment opportunities in the Midwest, Nebraska is well worth keeping in mind when analyzing the available options.


Things to Consider for Investors Looking to Buy New Mexico Ranches

New Mexico is the fifth largest state in the US, but also one of the least populated, which makes it ideal for escaping more densely populated areas. But, what makes the state so attractive for those looking to buy New Mexico ranches is the relatively low cost of land. With some shopping around, the right property will be there.

Things to Consider for Investors Looking to Buy New Mexico Ranches

We advise drawing up a list of requirements and what you want to use the ranch for. Some ranches are suitable for farming operations, while ranches at higher altitudes make excellent bases for the nearby ski resorts.


This is an essential point to consider at the beginning of your search. Do you want to be out in the middle of nowhere or do you want easy access to nearby towns and cities? If you are looking to buy a money-generating ranch, then the location will have an impact on what business operations will be viable.

Ranches at higher elevations are ideal for outdoor pursuits, but you need to check the level of infrastructure to see how easy it is to get in-and-out of throughout the year. These ranches are usually great for accessing nearby ski resorts, making them great getaways.

It is also worth considering whether you plan to continue working off-site, as this will involve factoring in ease of transport and commute times. At more remote locations, these times can be significant.


Many New Mexico ranches offer excellent hunting and fishing opportunities, which can be used for generating on-going revenue. Private hunters and corporate teams are always looking for new sites to do trophy hunting or to catch a prize trout. If this is something you are considering, you need to look at a site which has excellent accommodation already or one where planning permission will be easier to attain.

It is also worth considering the amount of time you plan to put in on the ranch, as even the smaller ranches require a considerable amount of time to manage the day-to-day operations.

Mineral Rights 

Mineral Extraction and Production is big business in New Mexico, with coal and oil being most sought after. This is why having access to the mineral rights for your land could be worth a lot of future income. When searching for sites, make sure you ask the realtor about this because if someone else owns the right, then they will have the right to check for deposits. This could be very damaging to any farming or recreational activities you’re conducting on-site.

Water Rights 

This is another important consideration that can have the potential to add or reduce the value of the property. There may be large bodies of water on, or running through, the ranch. But the ability to make any changes to the existing water sources, for example, irrigation, will be down to the rights owner.

Tax Status 

The New Mexico state government offers generous tax credits for ranch owners that are willing to participate in conservation programs. This is worth considering if you are looking at ranches that attract or have the potential to attract big game.

The Great Beyond: Three Great Reasons to Buy Montana Ranches for Sale

If you dream of escaping the big city, then you should look no further than Montana, which is one of the largest but least densely populated states in the whole US. This means there are many pockets of undiscovered and untouched land, which provides perfect conditions for big game to flourish.

The Great Beyond: Three Great Reasons to Buy Montana Ranches for Sale

The extensive grasslands across the state also make ideal places to put cattle to pasture, allowing for large-scale stock rotation. Currently, there are some excellent investment opportunities on the market, and there has never been a better time to move into this state. Here are a few options for people looking to buy Montana ranches for sale.

Why Montana?

Vast empty plains, uninhabited forests, majestic peaks, world-class hunting, and excellent recreational activities throughout the year. These are just some of the reasons why many savvy investors head out this way.

Antelope Springs Ranch

For an experienced cattle rancher, the Antelope Springs Ranch offers excellent value for money. It plays host to over 31 separate pastures across its 50,000+ acres, allowing a sizeable livestock operation to take place. This ranch has proved to be a very profitable operation, supporting large numbers of cattle and sheep throughout the year.

What helps make this ranch such an attractive proposition is its existing infrastructure and cattle rearing facilities, alongside large-scale water resources. This enables the ranch to weather any ‘dry spells’ and remain profitable.

Cinch Buckle Ranch

A smaller but equally profitable ranch is Cinch Buckle, which currently houses around 900 cows. Due to the size of the ranch, the taxes are also lower than the Antelope Springs Ranch, but it does have only 19 pastures. It all depends on how large scale you want to go and what level of experience you have raising livestock.

We highly recommend this ranch as it has outstanding water resources and cattle rearing facilities, which can be easily scaled up or down depending on the prevailing market conditions.

Chief Mountain Ranch

If you are interested in learning about raising livestock but have little or no experience, then this ranch could be the one for you. It is a very manageable size, and the current owners are in partnership with a local cattle owner, whose cows graze on the property in an area maintained by him.

Montana is home to some of the best game hunting and recreational activates in the US, and this ranch is in a prime location to take advantage of this. Exceptional fly-fishing and hunting opportunities exist on or near to the property, and big game such as mule deer and black bears often wander around the site.

It may be significantly smaller than other ranches for sale in Montana, but it has so much to offer within its 400+ acres, it is hard not to recommend it. In addition to the wealth of recreational opportunities available, there is significant potential to develop the property into a conservation area, which obviously benefits the local eco-systems and threatened species, but also provides sizeable tax benefits for the landowner.

Four Different Reasons to Buy Wyoming Ranches

Wyoming plays host to some of the most iconic landscape and vistas in the country, which combined with its status as the least populated state makes it a prime investment opportunity for those looking to buy Wyoming Ranches.

Four Different Reasons to Buy Wyoming Ranches

The sheer diversity being offered is enough to pique most investors’ attention, so whatever your interests, there is likely to be a perfect solution waiting somewhere within the state lines. But before making inquiries, we highly recommend deciding what you want from a ranch and how much time you have to put into the ranch operation.

Here are four examples of ranches available which all offer unique buying propositions for savvy investors.

For the Horse Raising Enthusiast

The YO Equine Ranch in Sheridan is a unique buying proposition for those investors interested in working hard and playing hard. The site lies in an area synonymous with top quality horses and is set up to take advantage of the excellent local environment. If the investor has an interest in horses and horse rearing, then this site has almost unlimited potential.

Besides the outstanding on-site facilities, what makes the YO Equine Ranch especially attractive is its location. While you are working on the ranch, you can enjoy superlative views of Big Horn Mountains, and in your downtime, you can enjoy recreational activities on-site or take advantage of the great community of Sheridan, with its exceptional dining and shopping options.

For the Fishing Expert

Wyoming is graced with some of the most bountiful waters in the entire country, and fishermen will find a wealth of options to spend their time on the water. Probably the best option on the market at the moment is the Snowy Range Fishing Lodge in Laramie, with its world-class trout fishing.

The site is ideally located and houses some great lodging options, which attracts fishermen from across the country.

A much smaller but equally attractive investment is the Tailwater Fishing Cabins in Casper, located on a stretch of the North Platte River, which is home to an abundance of trophy fish. It is a much smaller operation and gives the prospective investor an opportunity to literally hit the ground running and see immediate returns on investment.

For the Livestock Rearer

The Halleck Canyon Ranch in Wheatland takes advantage of its unique position on the eastern slopes of the Laramie Range. The combination of stunning landscape, water, and favorable grass growing conditions make it an excellent site for cattle raising, especially when you consider how close the site is to a local Livestock Market. For the right buyer, this location offers a significant return on investment opportunity.

When the owners are not working the cattle, the diverse topography provides a productive habitat for myriad flora and fauna, enabling the owners to enjoy all kinds of recreational pursuits throughout the year.

For the Big Game Hunter

The lack of humans in the state, alongside the diverse landscape, makes Wyoming an ideal location for thriving populations of big game, all of which can be regularly seen wandering around the properties and national parks of the state. One ranch that stands out is the Elk Haven in Wheatland due to the large population of elk which can be seen on site throughout the year. The area offers some of the highest quality elk and deer hunting opportunities right outside the door, making it an exciting investment for trophy hunters.

A Quick Guide for Investors Who Want to Buy Colorado Ranches

Located on the southern side of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado is probably one of the most diverse states in the whole of North America. Across the state, you can see extremes of the geographic spectrum, ranging from snow-capped mountains to massive sand dunes and everything else in-between.

A Quick Guide for Investors Who Want to Buy Colorado Ranches

These conditions provide many different opportunities for ranch owners, with many having working farm operations in areas such as corn and cattle. Obviously, the location of the ranch will have a massive impact of the operations that can be done on-site, but regardless of where you are there will be a vast range of recreational activities either on-site or in the nearby area. So, there is no wonder many investors want to buy Colorado Ranches

Sporting Enthusiast

The ranch owner who is looking to escape the monotony of city life and partake in a variety of outdoor pursuits should look no further than the River House on the Anthracite. It enjoys an outstanding elevation with stupendous views of Marcellina Mountain.

Located in the mountains, the ranch has year-round access and is a sportsman paradise whether they enjoy fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, or horseback riding The options are limitless! In the winter months, world-class ski resorts can be easily reached in no time.

In additions, the operation has significant scope for scaling business operations either independently or in conjunction with nearby resorts and ranches and includes ample lodging for guests.

Equine Lover

Another stunning hideaway is the Red Canyon Estate in Vail County, which offers unbelievable value for the money for the equestrian lover. The current owner has used the ranch as a gentlemen’s retreat, and the on-site facilities for horse raising are genuinely first-class, as is the accommodation options for the owner and guests.

For those who love the freedom of trail riding, numerous trails cut across the property and into nearby national parks. Besides the privilege of being in the great outdoors, there are also some outstanding hunting opportunities.

When not on horseback, the property has a well-stocked fishing pond full of Rainbow Trout giving the Red Canyon Estate a chance of becoming a leading fishery in the area.

Best of Both Worlds

For investors who want to combine work and pleasure, the Indian Hills Farm in Pueblo is an exciting investment opportunity. It enjoys access to some stunningly varied landscape, which makes it ideal for big game hunting and raising cattle at the same time. For example, there is a mile stretch of the Arkansas River that cuts through the property, attracting waterfowl and deer in large numbers.

The abundant water rights make it perfect for irrigating the land, and the ranch produces some top-quality alfalfa hay on its working farm operation. Also, the ranch comes with extensive mineral and water rights, which make it a desirable proposition.

Indian Hills Farm has an enormous potential within its 340 acres, and the only real barrier on significant returns-on-investment is the buyer’s imagination.

Time to Head to Colorado

These three ranches are just a small taste of the fantastic ranching opportunities lie within the state of Colorado. There are always new, exciting opportunities coming on the market, so take the time to consider the kind of ranch you are interested in, and you won’t regret your decision to head out west.

A Diverse and Productive State for Those Who Wish to Buy Utah Ranches

Home to world-class ski-resorts, lovely vistas, and a high standard of living, it is no wonder that Utah attracts investors from all around the US. The state is crisscrossed with stunning mountains, rivers, and lakes, so opportunities for hunting and farming are good revenue generators for people looking to buy Utah ranches.

A Diverse and Productive State for Those Who Wish to Buy Utah Ranches

Texas long horn steer in a rural Utah field, USA.

Before making initial inquiries, you should look at different areas and create a shortlist of the most appealing options. When drawing up the shortlist, you should consider several areas.


When you are thinking of buying a ranch, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to do on the ranch and how much time you plan to spend there. If the ranch is a winter or summer getaway, then it needs to be easily accessed but not necessarily that near to civilization. On the other hand, if you are planning on managing a full working ranch, you will need year-round access to the nearby townships, otherwise transport costs for your products will have a negative effect on your margins.


As mentioned above, Utah is home to some truly breathtaking landscapes. It can be the perfect year-round destination. Tourism has played a massive role in the continued growth in the state, with some ranches operating as private clubs for discerning hunters, skiers, and sportsmen.

Agriculture is another significant economic driver, with large amounts of hay being produced to support the livestock sector. Cattle has a good reputation and is a prized commodity, but it isn’t the only product that landowners generate revenue from. Dairy, poultry, and sheep products, along with fruits such as cherries and apricots, are just some of the examples of the produce that comes from within the state boundaries.

Mineral Rights

Mineral and fossil fuel production is an essential economic driver in Utah, with coal, petroleum, and salt playing a major role. If new deposits are found, they could be worth a lot of money for the owner of the mineral rights.

When searching for ranches in Utah, you should make sure the property owns the mineral rights to the land and verify the conditions attached to the rights. Holding the mineral rights allows the owner to have full control of the land and anything underneath it. Obviously, if the landowner doesn’t hold the rights, they have no recourse if the rights holder decides to set up a dig.

Water Rights

The same is true of water rights, which add additional value to the property both at the current market price and in relation to future selling price. Owning the rights gives extra flexibility for the owner to diversify their operations. Depending on where you are in the state, you could use the water resources to aid irrigation for pasture lands or lodging developments.

Failure to secure the rights can cause a lot of headaches further down the line if you are trying to change things up on-site.


Utah has numerous conservation projects in place, which help manage the diverse, local eco-systems. As a landowner, there are considerable benefits for participating in these schemes including generous tax credits. But, for many ranch owners that is secondary to the joy of playing such an essential role in the preservation of nature.